Odd behaviour with X399 BIOS corruption/failover

I have a Gigabytes Designare X399 motherboard, which has recently been showing odd behaviour with the BIOS. Its manifested as three different issues.

  1. BIOS gets reset to backup BIOS ROM.
    For my NVMe RAID setup, I need BIOS version F2b. Recently when I booted the computer (maybe from hibernation, not sure), the OS boot failed as RAID array no longer existed. I checked BIOS settings, and noticed it had reverted back to version F1. So something must have triggered motherboard to reload from backup BIOS. I reflashed to F2b, and re-applied BIOS settings, computer then booted ok.

  2. BIOS setting for “CSM Support” gets enabled
    Again for NVMe RAID boot, I need to set “CSM Support” to disabled. However this setting seems to get reset back to enabled by itself, intermittently. Its happened 3 times in the last couple weeks.

  3. Stuck in continuous reboot loop
    After boot, computer went into continuous boot/reboot failure loop. Last error code shown on motherboard LED was “d0”. I had to reset BIOS settings (by holding down restart/power buttons for 10 seconds), then set up BIOS again. Then computer booted and was working again.

Anyone experiences issues like these?

In particular, the BIOS backup failover seems very odd.
How can this even happen without manual intervention?!

I described these issues to the supplier. They are suggesting its a CPU fault and not motherboard.
(ie. they are disputing the need for replacement).

My first thing I would try is to update the BIOS to the newest version, F2b is rather old now, and try and check if anymore problems are occuring then.

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I have seen all of those issues on mine as well. I’ve been using f11e BIOS and once I had Windows loaded and stopped messing around with things it’s been rock solid. With PBO and XMP on a 2950X it scored 3385 on Cinebench. But until that point it was pretty frustrating. It’s been a long time since I did a brand new PC build and I thought maybe it was just me doing stuff wrong. Seeing you experienced the same issues makes me wonder a bit.