Odd Android Issue: Cell data stalls when switching towers

Hi all,

So I recently upgraded to a Ulefone Power Armor X12 5G. The first one I bought worked great but after it fell face first on a rock the screen was shattered. I liked the phone enough that I bought a second one (and returned the first using the second one’s box). However this second phone is giving me trouble the first one never did.

I like to listen to long-form content while I drive, usually something like HistoryMarche, Baldermort, The Exploring Series, etc. Basically podcasts but they’re YouTube videos. Basically my data connection works fine for a few minutes then the video stops buffering. I can’t get to any webpages and if I try to start my VPN client during one of these periods it will fail, however, if the VPN client already has a connection it will sometimes maintain that connection even if nothing else can get data. The phone still shows it has 4G LTE connectivity, even full bars in some cases, and apps insist that they’re still online. In the traffic graph in my ProtonVPN client it shows my phone sending out Kbits\sec of data, but only gets tiny “heartbeats” of data coming back to it that are maybe a dozen bytes each judging by the graph. I use a non-contract MVNO for my cell service but it’s carried over AT&T’s network and i’m nowhere near the data cap. The strangest thing is that if I lock my phone and let it sit for a couple minutes then unlock it again it will start working, even if i’m still on the road, but after a few minutes it will stop working again. I think it’s something to do with switching towers because if I’m at home or the office it doesn’t give me any trouble.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have any idea what could be going on or know of any Android tools that could troubleshoot the connection? This has been bugging the crap out of me for weeks.

This one?

or this one:

They’ll help you build a map of cell towers and can log your connection quality into a CSV you can analyze later

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