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ODB2 for iOS?

As the titles says. Anyone use these little devices and anyone know of one that works decently with iOS?

Is Bluetooth not standard on apple?

It is lol, bluetooth ones should work fine. I had/have a WiFi one too (I misplaced it somewhere tho), IIRC it’s this one: Veepeak Mini Wifi OBD2 Scanner

I use the OBD Fusion app with it, had no issues with my iPhones.

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Not all Android ones work. maybe its the bluetooth version im not sure.

For brand agnostic I don’t know. But for VW/Audi OBDEleven has a new model out that supports iOS.

What Bluetooth ODBII scan tool are you using? If you don’t have one I’d recommend either the OBDLinkMX+ or BlueDriver.