Oculus Rift Pre-Orders live - $599 USD

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Little bit too expensive for me at $850 CAD. Anyone else getting one?

I would if it was around $400 USD....I'll probably give them a year or two before I get one. I've already got to experience VR and it isn't worth it at that price.

Nope, way to expensive. I've also never used one and there doesn't seem to be a huge market for it. I'll probably wait for gen 2 or 3.

I am dying to try VR. But I know that after about an hour of 'This is the coolest thing ever', I will never use it again. I do that all the time with games and peripherals. It usually takes me about a month to get bored.
$599 is way too much to just check it out.


£529 shipped here in the UK.... PISS TAKE!
I expected the HTC Vive to be this price, at least that will come with VR controllers and not an over priced xbox one controller. Would much rather have the old xbox controller for £12 saving about £100 on the price tag!

I bet you Oculus will charge another £300 for the VR handsets later in 2016!

I can see this happening...
Kid to mother: "I want an oculus rift for my birthday or xmas"
Mother to kid: "or do you want an xbox one and ps4? same price, more games"

4 Billion from facebook wasn't enough for them I guess.

And all that R&D in using samsung mobile screens and gluing IR leds cost too much lol

Lets wait and see what HTC will offer and at what cost....

$599 ha ha ha ha ha

So VR is dead. This is not going to take off and become a standard piece of PC tech. If it starts bad and any of these VR sets has any annoying flaws at this price that will be the end of them for good.


At least some kickstarter backers are getting it for free,also if there is no support from AAA game developers it will end up like 3d vision,no point to buy it to play poor quality "indie " games or technology demos.

I expected it to be cheaper just because they are giving it out for free to the kickstarter backers. I didn't think they would hand out a $600 device like that. $250-350, yeah, that makes sense.

The next generation may be cheaper and software support will be much better by then. I'd love to have virtual monitor support. So instead of sitting in front of a standard computer monitor, you have the headset which can give you as many monitors as you need. Racing and flight simulators will also be really cool, but the joysticks and steering wheels on those can be expensive.

Looks like I'm stuck with my Google Cardboard.

Tried one for around 10 mins. It was pretty cool except for I can't stand having stuff on my head 5670x1800 with head tracking is cheaper so I don't see the appeal.

Hey ! I am anxious to get mine ! Now after being babied by AMH 40 inchers; I am Seriously ITCHING .:-)
edit 1 = I was quite pissed when they sold for a couple ob billions; we were the initial investors !!!, now they could be on my good side once more................we will see ; literally !

Dammit....I knew I should've just got a DK2 last year. I've been dying to get my hands on a VR HMD. Well, guess I'll just be waiting to see what Vive throws out there.

DVD players were 400 dollars when they first came out.

1080p tvs where 1500.

Price of stuff goes down.

They are proven stable and were pretty bullet proof from the start.

VR has a world of other issues to deal with many of which can prevent you from even using the thing and more that can interupt your immersive experience.

Edit to clarify: VR has to get past all.of that before people willing accept it and buy it. DVD and 1080p did not have these issues as all they had to do was wait for the price drop. VR needs to go through a few generations still be fore it is going g to be anywhere near a proper replacement for a desktop and until then will be a novelty, a bloody expensive one.

Too expensive.... Maybe I'll go for a vive.

its a fcking scam. I really wanted to get replacement for my dk2... guess what dk2 was half of that.
they force down 2 games and xbox controller and some other shit no1 needs. Disappointing...
i was prepped at $350-450; not 6 fckn hounded.

for $600 i could get fury x, 6-8 core intel i7/xeon or 1440p 144Hz Asus ROG FreeSync monitor....

just check out palmers twitter... you'll see shit storm.

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I agree with totalbuiscuits assessment, $600 is reasonable but it would have been nice to see $500 and no included controller/games. I think everybody that was expecting something in the $300 range was somewhat unrealistic. I know they said $350 ball park around half a year ago, but I don't think that was ever realistic for the first generation. The screens are custom, it has some pretty special tracking built in, and it is the first generation of an enthusiast product.

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That was also a dev kit that had less hardware in the headset, and no custom hardware in the headset if I remember right. Being a dev headset, its not unrealistic to guess that those units were sold at a loss just to get some units into developer hands, so games could be made for the platform. Plus being that it wasn't custom hardware in the headset, it also definitely was cheaper to make. The consumer version is better in every way, and most of that is down to custom build hardware only for the rift. The dk2 was using a galaxy note screen for fucks sake. Of course it was cheaper to make, those screens cost like $80 a pop. Custom screens and more custom internals are going to jack the price up fast. Yeah maybe they shouldn't have bundled in games and definitely excluded the controller (although being that they did partner with Microsoft, that controller is probably not adding more then $30 of cost to the unit). Maybe its possible that they could have been closer to $500, but $300 was just unrealistic.

The twitterverse never forgets.

I still have the original DK , still in box and unused.......want it ?

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I thought I saw a tweet from Palmer saying the price of the controller on their end was $60. Point still stands, I think if they came out with a version that was a bit cheaper but didn't come with everything they might have sold a few more.

Oculus wanted to do it right. I think that is their angle with the rift. It is going to be the best VR experience you can get right now and it always will be as new tech arrives. If people wanted cheap VR then they should have stuck with their Google Cardboard units running on a OnePlus One or something. Their point is that they have something better than that and it will cost you to get it. This time next year you can probably pick up CV1 for a cheaper price as the production amount increases.

The dev kits were probably cheaper for the reasons you mentioned. By getting them into a lot of hands they were able to get games on release. If DK1 was the consumer version, people would have been upset with the experience and there would have been no content for it, if they didn't get rid of it before looking for good content. However, if they release a few dev kits, make custom hardware for the CV version a few years later, then you have a solid product they would be comfortable selling - at a premium.

That's my take on it anyway. I don't think AR will be any different when it becomes a thing.

I still need to watch the TB video though.