Oculus problems, is it my gpu?

Hi guys, I’m having an oculus graphical problem during gaming, where all the graphics will kind of blur in a zig zag pattern.
I’m assuming this is due to a dip in framerate…

if so I’m open to upgrading. I’m new to pc’s and would really love to experience sli but from what i understand framerate dips could be worse so I’m thinking about selling my 1070ti and upgrading to either 1080ti or 2080ti.

if it’s for sure a framerate dip, it looks like 2080ti might be better? but that’s an investment for me and i’m having difficulty rationalizing it, over say going sli w 1080ti for the experience

Main Board: MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC
Bios Version: 7B77v13
Video Card: EVGA GTX 1070ti
PSU brand and model: EVGA SuperNova 750 G3 80 Plus Gold
12v rail Rating of listed PSU: 62.4a
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x16gb 3200
SSD/ HDD: Evo 960 1tb M.2 SSD, WD Blue 1 Tb 7200 rpm HDD
CPU COOLER: Wraith Prism
Raid Card: N/A
Sound Card: Asus Xonar DGX PCIE 2.5
Keyboard: Cyberpower PC
Mouse: Cyberpower PC
Any Additional hardware plugged into your system: 4 case fans.
OC: (Yes / No) Yes.
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

I’m not sure what the problem is from your post. I am however quite positive that the problem isn’t your graphics card not being good enough.

I’ve run the Oculus, HTC Vive, and currently Dell Visor WMR from my 290x with smooth frames and without any noticeable problem.

So I’m fairly confident that your card should handle it just fine.

I apologize, I really wasn’t very clear in that post, it turned into more of a “help me spend more money” request.

Okay so the issues are: freezing, in f1 and assetto corsa. the screen will often freeze for intermittently going into turns, especially if there are more drivers around me. the picture also has a tendency to fracture as i go into turns with or without drivers around, it’s just more noticable with the drivers because instead of a fractured road, it fractures each individual car and the road.

steam vr will not open for me if I’m overclocking the gpu. I don’t have any issues running oculus home or the oculus games.

I used to think it was my ram (it was the only thing I hadn’t upgraded) but I’ve upgraded to 32gb @3200 and while there was noticeable improvement it was still happening.

I have tried lowering the resolutions and it didn’t really seem to make a difference on the fracturing,
I’ve tried turning off and unplugging the cable for my monitor.
This is my second oculus, the first one randomly died. it’s happend on both of them.
I’ve not really been able to find threads with people having the same issues and the same level of hardware I have at this point.

and at this point I’ve upgraded everything else, so why not try to push the oculus to it’s max. if it’s capable of getting better performance from a better gpu I’m interested in upgrading. I’m just not sure the oculus is capable of taking full advantage of the 2080ti…which i’m okay with. I guess i’m looking for someone to bounce ideas around on what I should do next gpu-wise…what combination reaches the limits of the oculus’ dual screens. I think the answer for which one keeps the oculus at the highest minimum framerate would easily be 2080ti

Yeah that’s the method oculus uses to deal with framerate dips. I think it’s called space warp or something, when it works it makes uneven frsmerates unnoticeable, when it doesn’t work it looks awful.

Don’t do sli, while nvidia do have a method for doing vr with sli my understanding is that very few games are programed to use it.

If you use the oculus debug tool then you can disable spacewarp and that may look better for you without needing to buy any new hardware. Or I think there may be a keyboard shortcut to disable it.


awesome, thank you! i will look into that