Oculink PCIE4 Redrivers

Since we’re talking PCIE redrivers, may I bring up the Oculink connector…

It is designed for PCIE 4.0 and just needs a redriver to send to say an Icy Dock. And just so happens Micro SATA Cables carries this exact thing.

How’s this vs the solution @wendell found?

Which BTW, MIcro SATA Cables also carries the one Wendell found:

Did a bit of a dig around and found this company: Minerva Innovation. Not 100% sure if they are the actual manufacturer but their website seems to offer the largest portfolio and most comprehensive documentation.

I am an avid user of these redrivers, for the past 2 years or so since the P5800X launched.

My preferred variant is the SFF-8654 4i one: https://www.amazon.com/M-Key-ReDriver-SlimSAS-SFF-8654-Adapter/dp/B08VNHNYHK

In fact, you can use these with 2x 4i → 8i cables and connect them to robust x4 + x4 PCIe slot adapters that are powered by a beefy 6-pin PCIe power, which makes for a great solution to run at stable 4.0 speeds with extra GPUs or HBAs.

Please note that clearance issues are possible. For example, on the W680-ACE, in one of the slots I can’t get the connector to fit due to the chipset heatsink. I think Oculink connectors would be at least as difficult, or maybe more, depending on the length of the hard part of the connector and how close to the end of the M.2 PCB the connector is placed.

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You know what, good point in the cables going out the sides rather than the top. Hence why Wendell chose the GenZ connector over the other two.