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Ocularis Server Build Questions Comments


Spec’ing out a build for a Ocularis(ONSSI VMS) server build. Current server(1 of 2, replacing the master) is Xeon e31230 Quad core w/ Hyperthreading 32gb ram, 1tb HDD SATA 7200RPM, 8 tb Raid 5 Array, 1 GBE NIC. The second server is same specs. Currently 55 cameras split between the servers. The customer wants to double the camera count over the next couple years and the drives hit the 5 year mark already so we are going to replace server 1 and just replace the drives on server 2.

For the new server i’m going with the Threadripper 2990WX, going with threadripper instead of Epyc because the Ocularis’s performances is better with higher frequencies.The current software doesn’t scale to that many cores very well but i’m betting the software will be optimized in the future for higher core counts since AMD and Intel keep going higher with the core counts. 128gb DDR4 Ram. AMD WX7100 8gb. 1tb Samsung 970 Pro NVME M,2. Server case yet undetermined as well as power supply. Ocularis is going to offload the video to a NAS server via 10gbe NIC, and receive the video from a 10 gbe switch uplink.

I was looking at the GIGABYTE X399 Designare EX and the Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming for the motherboard. Was hoping to get opinions from somebody with experience with either of these in a server/workstation environment or with another they would recommend. Ideas for Cooler? Good 10 gbe NIC cards? Best ram 128gb compatibility? Power supply? Looking for some feedback thanks.


I’m using this MB for software development running multiple VM’s and Docker containers. It’s rock solid so far and I’ve got no complaints other than I have been unsuccessful getting RAID0 working with NVMe m.2 drives.

I enabled PBO for the 2950X and got the RAM up to 3200Mhz resulting in 3385 on Cinebench.

Honestly, for a production environment I don’t think you can go wrong with thie board.