October 13 Apple Event Discussion


Waiting for a TL;DW
Mildly excited for iPhone 12 mini


is that a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone?

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I only heard today that that might be a thing?

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I’ve only seen it recently, too. If it’s a bigger screen but same body size as SE i might consider it.

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magsafe is back :smiley:

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mini confirmed


mini for 699 USD
799 USD for regular

Oh, really?

Magsafe was the shit.

$140 a year for the mini if you keep it for its 5 years + $60~ for a battery replacement

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Snappy wireless charging and snappy accessories

looks cool

welcome to like 2010 but glad to see apple added that, will help ecosystem. Did they ditch the physical port?

MFW no ports at all.

that was the rumor since EU 1 port thing

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No, they all have ports

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I wish, also disappointed there’s no 120hz on the pro, guess they saved that for next year.

Actually the pro devices seem very uncompelling this year.

Probably the endgame, I can see it happening within 2-3 years.

I’m not so sure. At least, I don’t expect we would see losing any physician connector.

On another note the size of the mini is compelling

That’s what they said about the headphone jack.

Did they?

People keep saying they’re removing the physical port. The 12 was never meant to have one… according to the rumours.

If anything I’d see them moving to a magnetic connector. But I don’t see it disappearing any time soon.