OCT 2 MS Event ( Live stream thread)

I need Microsoft to do two things: scroll pics in the gallery even if I have them zoomed in and have ONE SINGULAR menu to change all my settings, possibly with a coesive UI.

Rant aside I thing that Microsoft hid what kind of devices they will unveil the 2nd of October in the logo of the event.


MS has been trying to sell castrated Windows OS on cheap hardware to compete with ChromeOS for many years now. Windows ThinPC, Windows Starter, Windows N, Windows RT, Windows S, etc. Every single one has been a hilariously predictable failure. I look forward to pointing and laughing at their latest failure next week.


Were they “new” as MS is trying to say Core is? <does that sentence makes sense?>

Or were they just some stripped down even more stupid versions of vanilla windows?

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Oh definitely the latter. But that’s what core will amount to also.

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It is an odd logo. On one hand it is just the date again, top left is a “1” and bottom right is a “2”, but the Zeros being different is the odd part I wonder what they could be referencing or if they even are at all, could just be wacky non-joined-up-thinking design which would definitely be in keeping with MS.

I forgot this started at 9 American Central. :frowning:

They already announced the Surface Laptop 3

Two models, both available for pre-order today and will ship Oct.22

13.5 inch

  • Starts at $999
  • 3:2 aspect ratio touschscreen 15 inch screen
  • 10th gen quad core intel cpu

Full Pricing for 13.5 inch:

  • i5 8/128GB = 999$
  • i5 8/256GB = 1299$
  • i7 16/256GB = 1599$
  • i7 16/512GB = 1999$

15 inch

  • Starts at $1,199
  • Semi custom Ryzen CPU

We are going to see a product that will come out next Holiday.

It’s named Surface Neo. Its, powered by Intel. It’s a full screen device, that looks like to iPads glued to each other while keeping a center hinge, so it’s not a seamless full screen.

One can put a keyboard on top of one screen, and the display will realize that and display different content on that screen. Pretty cool.




Lisa Su is in the audience, just saw her on screen.

Based Lisa

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Nice. Windows 10 X, will be the OS running Windows Neo. Looks like the Core OS renders.

Seems like a non-event to me.

New surface laptop, faster, Ryzen. New Surface 7, same thing with a USB-C port. New earphones, don’t have noise reduction, and look like those African tribal earrings where they stretch out their earlobes. I get that a lot of people like the Surface tablet line in particular, but this is an incremental noninteresting yearly update.

Surface Pro X, ARM CPU, it’ll fail like every previous windows ARM device. You buy a windows laptop to run windows programs, and they run slow as balls interpreted from x86 to ARM. Huge battery life is cool but we only need laptops to last 8-9 hours.

New Surface dual-screen, not bendable OLED, doesn’t come out for a year, and who wants to type on a glass keyboard? Then it has a physical keyboard too, which covers half the screen. It’s a gimmick.


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I was gunna say what happened to the leaks that said it would be a phone.

Yeah. A folding phone with gigantor 2016-style bezels, also without a bendable OLED screen. At least it’s Android and not Windows.

Also positioning the ARM Surface Pro X as a full-fledged laptop and pricing it accordingly at $999 is a huuuuuge misstep. At $499 it would be a potentially interesting product.

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TL;DW for those who missed it.

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They must have let him film before the event, as it isn’t even over yet!

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