Ocp mezzanine to pcie 16x adapter

Hi all,

I’m looking to see if it possible and also if its available to adapt an opc mezzanine card from a server to a 16x (or less) pcie slot in my pc and in another server.

I have searched and not been able to find anything of use on it and I don’t know if this is even possible but from the limit amount I know I can’t see a reason its not.

Thanks for any and all help


Something like this?

Cool thank you for finding that, I searched for ages and didn’t find anything.

Tbh I have no idea what the difference between XMC and OCP and in fact what my card is as when I looked into that OCP was all I could find.

That said $700 is way out of my price range, basically I have an old dell R905 (that I don’t use atm) with a dual 10gb network mezzanine card and I was looking to put it in my pc or my NAS box to save money upgrading to 10gb network.

I’m basically poor and want a faster connection between those pc’s and maybe in future the entire network, I have also been looking into 10gb using fiber rather than cat6a and also looked into infiniband, both of these will require me to upgrade the hardware in my NAS but i’ll deal with that in later questions.

Thanks for finding the page as it seems to show that its not just as simple as a passive adapter so wont really be feasible for me.


You can get two mellanox connectx2 cards for 40 bucks on Amazon. That is for the pair. DAC cable is another 12 bucks.

Well, used mellanox stuff, especially OEM cards have become rather cheap, sometimes even below 30$ per card for CX3 40gbe / fdr.

The trick with OEM cards like HP or dell is that they are only listed under their part number and are therefore harder to find and cheaper.

I have no clue how it’s with 10gbe sfp+ but
Theoretically, even better since the official items are normally around 30$.

There is a catch with those OEM cards and its the oem firmware that you’d probably need to get rid of, which is easy but an extra step.

There is a forum, called STH out there that specializes in such stuff but everything said here is the gist of it, and you don’t theoretically need any more forum research.

Thank you all for your replies, I do have a few other question regarding infiniband etc but i’ll take that to a new thread as it gets a fair bit off topic.