OCing tips and help please!

Hey guys,

got a new hyper 212 evo for my 6300! wanted to do some ocing, dont really know how but through amd catalyst control i ran the auto tune and then oced to 4.4 ghz. figuring it would all work out. but most games i tried i only lost fps. the usual 200+ in cs go turned into 30. other games averages were below 60. any fix? My motherboard is a M5A97 r2.0, i think! a 6300 and a radeon 270. thanks guys!

BUMP, really need some help

You're better off sitting back and working out what your goals are from the overclock first.

For me, I work out what my bottlenecks are, if it's the CPU, I guestimate the frequency I'm after, if it's a memory bandwidth issue, I use this app to figure out how much bandwwidth I have now and roughly what frequency I need to attain.

However in your case you are having absolutely massive performance drops. Get a temp monitor such as realtemp and tell us what it is under load, since those seem crazy.