OCing AMD Phenom || x6 1090T

Hey, so, yeah like the subject says, I would like to OC my CPU AMD Phenom || x6 1090T to like 4Ghz atleast, but it keeps bluescreening all the time if I OC it over 3,7Ghz :S ... And the funny thing here is that, I got this CPU from my friend and he had it OCd to 4.2Ghz , but I cant get it to 3.8Ghz... 

My specs:

motherboard is ASRock 890GX Extreme3 

RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator DDR3 8GB 1600Mhz

PSU: CoolerMaster GX Lite 700W 

HDD: 1.5Tb Seagate(?)


Thanks in advance : )


Your motherboard isn't too hot, and x6 thuban's are locked processors so they can be a little tricky to overclock, try dropping your ram down to 1333 before overclocking as well that can help, and uhhh, do you have a CPU cooler or are you on stock?

4ghz should be doable with around 1.485v on the VDDC..

This all depends on the motherboard and chips ability though.




APU 4 lyfe

metalofwarrioroften, taught me the ways of the AMD skilltrain!!!

I got CoolerMaster HyperX TX3evo

I think the biggest problem OCing is the power Phase on that MOBO, you may be pushing it with voltage that high, I recently upgraded my board and solved this same problem.

i have a 1100T BE and let me tell you getting it to even boot to windows at 4.3 ghz required massive voltage  getting boot to windows at 4 ghz required around 4.89 volts with upping multi and messing with fsb. i will say this unless you have one hell of an upper end mobo dont push your cpu to 4 ghz  you will more than likely blow a capacitor or even fry  your cpu.  i cant even stress this enough phenom II is hard as hell to get stable at high voltages with out massive cooling and rock solid mobo and psu.  i would not recommend a locked phenom II going past 3.9 ghz  the stress on components is not worth the risk.

I have the same CPU AMD Phenom || x6 1090T and I run it at 4.1ghz 

This is my main machine and I work from home, so its on for at least 12 hours a day with no problems.

I have a crosshair formula IV though and a corsair cooler, not a closed loop system just on air.

getting boot to windows at 4 ghz required around 4.89 volts


Pretty sure that has to be a typo..