OC'ing 2600 (non-k) how to?

I know some people post up about saying the can OC a 2500 or 2600, but it seems that you have to disable cores? is that true?

There is a common misconception that you need to have a k model cpu in order to overclock it. The K cpu's have a higher headroom for overclock and can reach 6 ghz, which is impossible. You can overclock non k cpus just fine, and without disabling anything. But it won't be a significant and probably just a little bump in performance.

Okay thanks.


Am i correct in saying that the K series like my 3770k have an unlocked multiplier (obviously) but the non-K series do not, meaning you have to overclock using the FSB only?

I've never had a non-K series.. 

non K means FSB

K means either FSB or Multiplier or both

yes if you have a non K cpu ( locked multiplier) then you have to play with the bus speeds, and voltage to overclock it a littlebit. with a K version you have more options, bus speed, multiplier, and voltage to keep things stable.