OC the cpu, memory, & gc on Haswell?

If you haven't come across my posts yet, you should know I'm new to pc but I thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, some areas need a simpler explanation for me.

I will be using an



MSI 780

and 2 x 4gb DDR3-2133.

Powered by a CorsairRM 650.

Will I be running into any issues (other than losing the haswell lottery) by overclocking the cpu, graphics card, and memory? In what order should these be tested? I am just unsure if my cpu and mobo can handle all that overclocking.

I haven't decided what kind of cooling I'm going to use yet. Maybe the Dark Rock Pro 3 or the Kraken x60. Cased in the NZXT H440 with 5 fans intake and 1 exhaust.




No you will be fine ☺

About cooling offcourse if you can afford the krakan X60 its one of the best clc´s to get.

maybe a Msi Z87 Mpower max or a Asus maximus VI Formula if you realy want a more higherend OC motherboard. But still the GD65 Gaming should be capable to reach a good cpu OC .

You might be new to PC, but that's a beast setup. Good to see that you have a quality PSU, which is often missing from newcomer's builds. You've got all the important things.

You'll be fine overclocking the CPU and GPU on any Z87 chipset motherboard. Of course, this is subject to the silicon lottery.

If you're purchasing/ you have 2133 RAM, then you don't need to overclock it further. Just use the XMP setting in your motherboard BIOS, which will automatically clock the RAM up to the specified 2133 speed. Which is simpler than it sounds. If you search the BIOS settings I'm sure you will find the XMP setting in a drop-down menu, located where the RAM timings are found in the BIOS.

Basically, if you find something labelled XMP, activate it. Simple.

@MisteryAngel The x60 is very impressive. I just thought I'd toss in the sexy Dark Rock and ask to see if it was sufficient for my gaming needs...Thoughts?

@Berserker Ah, makes sense now. I was told this the other day, but you apparently explained it better. Nice to know.

Both happen to be good CPU heatsinks. The Dark Rock is quite large, and if you have high profile RAM, it might not fit over the top of the RAM modules. A simple $30 heatsink would be up to the task, so you have plenty of options to consider.

for being new to PC's i'd go with the air cooler. the dark rock looks sufficient to cool any decent overclock.

i agree that the dark rock looks sexy, and it will definitely do a decent cooling job.. but it wil not beat a X60 :) But still the X60 is offcourse very expensive, so you could ask your self is it worth it... it depends on how far you wanne push your overclock.

Well, lets pretend I am lucky enough to get it to 4.5 ghz. Is the DRP3 sufficient?

(I'm also curious of others views on the aesthetics between the two in addition to 5050 leds, but i will save that for a different section)

maybe it could handle it. But a H100i does a better job. and i also think that a Phanteks PH-TC14pe or a Noctua NH-D14 would do a better job.  But i still think the DRP will not be bad.

With an air cooler you might notice heat soak after extended periods of play time, so if you plan on playing more than 3-4 hours I'd go with the kraken. It's what I use and I can't praise it enough.

I just realized. MSI claims my graphics card comes overclocked.


Does that mean it's overclocked to it's full potential and doing myself isnt necessary?

It won't be overclocked to its full potential, but you should be more than happy with the stock performance. Overclock it if you wish

I wasn't planning to and I probably won't. Thank you for confirming that it's possible.

Nice build and even nicer Alex Grey avatar.  :-)



For the overclocking order, I would go CPU, GPU, then RAM. Sounds like you are getting decent RAM I don't see why you couldn't hit 2400mhz with some tweaking. Depends h ow moitvated you are for the RAM.