OC Target Fx-6300

I got a h105 for christmas, and have been planning to overclock it for some time now, however due to the loud a** fans on that thing, I have held off. Now that I have ordered 2 new fans, I can now work on an overclock. I was just wondering what would be a good target clock at a reasonable voltage.

If you plan on holding onto the CPU for a while, I would keep it below 1.5 volts on the Vcore. You should be able to get up to 4.5ghz.

Depends on your motherboard aswell.

Ya I have the gigabyte 990fx ud3. I had over clocking in mind when I bought. It should do correct?

Yeah 8+2 powerphase, so with a bit of luck 4.8GHz shouldn't be any issue.
Maybe even 5.0GHz if you are lucky.

Alright sounds good. I'll post my OC in the oc thread in a week or so.