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OC not saving after turn off and turn on again


Hello Guys

I have always used the ryzen 3 1200 in overclocking at 3.8ghz and ddr4 at 3000mhz. all working fine on windows, no crashes, no blue screen, all perfect in extreme gaming at 144fps.

A few days ago, I noticed that when I turn ON the pc, bios detects some problem and the cpu overclock is zeroed, clear, facing the 3.1ghz stock.

After I set the overclock again on bios, windows boots and everything works correctly with the overclock set, but once I turn off the pc and turn it on again, I have the same problem. The motherboard returns the configuration stock to 3.1ghz in the cpu.

I saw that several people have equal problems and even on motherboards of other brands.
This problem began to give in bios f22. I upgraded to f23 but the problem continues.

The problem happens in the same way if the overclock starts from 3.1ghz to 3.2ghz or starting from 3.1ghz to 3.8ghz.

I tried clear cmos without success

Is there any further procedure to be done? Is it a problem known to you?

Thank you.

Product Name: GA-AB350M-D3H (1.0)
BIOS Ver: f23
Model: AORUS Radeon™ RX580 8G (1.0/1.1)
Model: ryzen 3 1200
Operating System: Win 10 64-bit
Brand: Kingston
Size: 2x4gb
Power Supply: corsair 600w


Did you replace the battery, could be dead (could just a multi meter to check it as well)


I have the same issue but on an older firmware version (F9a, Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5). Given the issues I had before (had the mobo + CPU replaced cause the BIOS was constantly acting up (BIOS getting corruped, freezes in Windows, etc) I never upgraded to another BIOS version once it was running stable on Windows. What I do is save the OC in a profile in the BIOS and when I turn the PC on I go straight to the BIOS and load the profile again.

Battery is fine (checked it with a battery checker thingy and replaced the battery itself), clearing CMOS didn’t help either. So I’m sticking to the profile “workaround”.