OC memory on FX processor

Been looking for a good guide for overclocking the ram on a AMD FX CPU.

Seen plenty of guides for Intel.  Any one have links to share?

There is no difference for overclocking Ram between Intel and AMD; however, Amd's FX line does not officially support Dram overclocking past 2400 so check your motherboard specs and go to town! Also while I overclock my Ram and applaud you for doing the same, it makes very little difference 1-3% best case and most DDR3 is so screened it won't do much more then the XMP.

yeah, its probably just going to end up being a learning experience for me right now.  

Not really seeing to many application that benefit from faster ram speed.  

Hey that's alright, understanding how to overclock ram might come in handy one day it sure does with DDR4 which is able to overclock massively for real gains. regardless of the benefit so long as you keep your DRAM voltage under 1.7 or have extra cooling for the dims you shouldn't have any problems. who knows maybe you will get a kit that has some potential; personally I enjoy overclocking ram you get to balance bandwidth and timings with voltage it's more involved then GPU or CPU overclocking and is inherently more complex. 

first i wanne point out, that overclocking ram does not gonne make any sense.

But if you realy wanne overclock your cpu + ram, then just do a Northbridge overclock instead of multiplier.


North-bridge overclocks are very hard to get stable even with high end boards with different blcks it's easier to overclock components separately. Also North-bridge overclocking much like Dram overclocking doesn't really add much in performance so just to recap it's a pain to stabilize and doesn't get us any extra performance.

i had no single issue getting my FX8350 to 4.8GHz, stable, and my ram from 1600 to 1926mhz stable. With Northbridge overclocking.

AMD is much easier to get stable with Base clock overclocking, then intel.

But overclocking ram does not gonne give any performance in the first place. Overclocking ram is a waste of time basicly.

AMD works diffrent then intel for that matter. But also at intel systems, its just a waste of time. Because no matter if you have 1600mhz or 2400mhz ram, you not gonne notice the diffrence.

i personaly wouldnt bother with it.

But if you have any better tutorial to add on this subject, Then feel free to post it. ☺

I get that its not worth doing 99% of the time.  I can only think of a few specific tasks where you would actually get a performance gain. I was mostly just looking for information for educational purposes. I found a lot of Intel guides and i just wanted to make sure there weren't any big differences on AMD.  

So I have a follow up question.  Whats up with all the expensive ram kits?  Why do channels keep recommending ram like Corsair Dominator Platinums.  If DDR3 1600 is fast enough for any home application why would any one bother spending more?

I feel that companies have made a large market based on "overclocked ram" by misleading consumers to believe that faster ram will improve their systems by a large margin they can sell screened dimms for a large markup. Like any argument there is some merits to having faster lower timed ram; it is faster and you can see a difference in benchmarks and FPS scores even if its marginal. To add to that, for productivity programs that difference becomes greater.

As a practical matter for Dimms like Dominator Platinums their are other advantages; many high end Ram sets have a lower operating voltage, (which is good and allows for overclocking) they also are often hand tested for stability, and are proven to be more reliable. In addition to that premium kits often have a higher rated operating temperatures allowing for even greater voltages or higher Mobo/case/ambient temperatures. None of that is to say they are worth the added cost, but, they are a better product; just in this case it doesn't matter much. In fact it matters so little even 1333Mhz rated DDR3 will perform within the margin of error of most 1866 dimms. 

All that said the cost of factory overclocked "premium" kits has fallen greatly, and will continue to do so as DDR4 slowly becomes the new standard. I buy kits they are cheap, have a lifetime warranty, and have lower voltages <1.6. The rated speed of such kits can normally be boosted up at-least one tier without much effort additionally 2133 and 1866 kits and even some 2400Mhz kits cost nearly the same if not less then many 1600Mhz kits. Good luck overclocking! Don't be discouraged by the lack of results each generation of hardware is different by definition, who knows, in the near future overclocking ram might be worth something.

Thanks for all the information you two.  I learned a lot and this is definitely going to change my spending habits when it comes to buying memory in the future.  

BTW MisteryAngel, the m5a99fx pro r2.0 is working perfectly now.  After I found that the default VRM settings were wrong everything smoothed out.  No crashes at stock settings or overclocked to 4.3GHz.  I want to go higher but I need better cooling first.  Maybe I'll get a water block for Christmas. :)

Thats great news.

I personaly not fully agree with the statement that "Tinman" makes, that corsair dominator rams are better quality. Underneath those fancy heatspreaders just sits a basic ram stick, nothing more special or any better then any other decent brand for that matter. Atleast nothing that i´m aware off.

Also my experiance with higher speed DDR3 rams from the more expensive series like corsair dominators or kingston beast, is that they are running at much higher CL and higher voltages. CL11 and 1.65V for example.

I think its mostly marketing bla bla from those brands. ☺

If i recommend DDR3 ram, i allways recommend something like 1866mhz CL9 1.5V rams as a sweet spot. Like G.skill Snipers.