OC korean monitor leads to some strange issues

I have an x-star korean monitor + 7950 DD, I followed a few guides to OC my monitor and have noticed some strange issues. Firstly I have only managed to get it up to 96hz and today for a few moments 110hz. 99.9% of the time I go above 96hz green lines appear across the screen I have absolutely no idea or read a fix for this:o 

Where it gets strange though and more annoying is that when I OC it in general, youtube starts getting funny on me. The videos in my subscribtion feed play without picture(black screen) + sound. if I revert the OC and reboot this goes back to normal. Anyone have ANY idea why?

1 last thing, gaming evolved app (RAPTR) constantly says I need to update my drivers(which I do regularly) claiming that there is an update eg version 14.0 and I am beyond it :s


Anw thnx for your insights 

Ignore Raptr, probably a bug.

96hz seems about right for a lot of Korean monitors. As for YouTube I have no idea, sounds like a flash issue though to my untrained brain. What browser do you use?

same problem in all browsers I have:p even downloaded safari just to make sure:p With the difference that on ie youtube screen is green instead of black

try running youtube in html5 mode?