OC help

Hello ive been trying to OC my amd 6300 and can not get past 4.2 ghz as my board seems to droop alot and i dont know how to overcome this problem. 

And also this is going to be 24/7 so and the cooler i have is a all in one 120mm  water cooler from cooler master.


if you want help you should tell us which motherboard you are using so we can see if that might be the issue, and how are your tempratures and voltages when running it at 4.2 ghz. also what cooler are you using?

My board is a 990fxa gd65 made by msi.

temps in Aida 64 are under 50 degrees at stock voltage @ 4.1 ghz.

my cooler is a cooler master Seidon 120v.

bump i really need help with this as their is not much well known guides with my motherboards bios i will be upgrading in october and will have about 400$ in cash to spend on a mobo and cpu.

What are your OC setting currently at? you might want to add more volts to give some more power to the cpu. 


1.312v on aidia 64 and on prime 95 it lowers -1.3v and fails and on Intel Burn. Its at 4.1 ghz and is stable on Aidia 64.

bump voltage to 1.323v and try to increase multiplier if this does not work might end up being the motherboard for not getting enough power.