OC Geforce 8500GT 256MB GDDR3


So I was thinking about getting this card, because Im on a budget and I was wondering if this card can handle Call of Duty 4.

My system is


Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz

17 inch crt monitor and resolution at 1024*768

On DX9


yeh it will play it at 1024x768 easy

i had one but they are nothing compared to a 8600 or a 8800 but yes it will play cod4 on highest

but prolly no smoke effects thats all

Doesn't that card have like 16 stream processors? LOL

It has 16

Its not like any other Nvidia card has alot

Yeah but at least nVidia knows how to use there stream processors. I don't think 16sp is really worth 5 bucks. I'd buy at least 32.

just spend a bit more for a 8600GT u'll be much more happier

The 8500GT is fine. It will be able to handle COD4. Just not on high settings...

The difference between an 8500 and 8600 are pretty significant. Buy an 8600GT/S and you'll be happier than you'd be with that 8500GT.

[b]WAIT Im having people tell me It plays cod4 on high setting and other people telling me it deosnt"WTH"[/b]

like the rest said

the 8600 is about 20x more better but YES

the 8500gt does work with it

i had a 8500gt my self and i played it fine 60 fps easy

u can play on max prolly about 2 or 4 x AA and no smoke effects rest up the top easy

Can I OC it so I basicly almost a 8600GT

i dont think u could oc it that much .

no, you couldnt, save your money. get something really good in a year or two

do me a favor please, find another 30 bucks and just get this


at your crts resolutions it will destroy games for some time. if u can get the money you will seriously be much happier.

I agree with spitesuicide... go with the 8800GS.

Either that or you could get a 3850 as well. I'm not sure which performs better though. I never payed attention to these cards.

yepp, tahts the card i have expect evga. This is destory games at 1280 1024 i run crysis on high averaging 30fps, no i dont think you can ever oc it to like a 8600GT, cause it that happens no one would even consider buying the 8600

This card performs much better and is only $20 after rebates + shipping and all that jazz.