OC for my FX-8350

Firstly, thank you in advance to anyone who will respond to this. I have the following configuration:

CPU: FX-8350
Mobo: ASRock 990FX Killer
Cooling: Corsair H100i
Thermal paste: Spire SP-458/10G
Case: Fractal Design DEFINE XL R2 Black Pearl
Power Supply: Enermax NAXN ADV 650W
Graphics card: XFX 7770

Since I've never OCed before, could someone give me some guidlines how to do so with the aformentioned components above?
I am aware this is not the best OC mobo, but if there's any headroom, I would like to know how to properly take advantage of that.
Also, any helpful tips or links are appreciated.


This, plus this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MckeAmnDeTk

Now, that motherboard doesn't support an advanced feature set for Load Line Calibration, but it does have some offset settings for the voltages - +50mv, +100mv, and +150mv. Other than that, it is a matter of dialing your voltage to reach your desired frequency.

As long as you have decent airflow in your case, getting to 4.4ghz should be obtainable. I'm not sure how much further than that I would push.

i would advice to aim for a 4.5Ghz overclock on that motherboard to start with.

Thanks. I will watch and read suggested links before any attempts.