OC advice for i7 5820K?

So I have my i7 5820K OCed to 4.6Ghz, the Cache to 3.4Ghz and the Memory OCed to 2666Mhz (from 2133Mhz) xmp... is anything I can do to squeeze anymore more performance out of this? I already have the CPU Voltage at 1.33v and really don't want to push that any higher. so what can I do?

6 cores at 4.6 is already crazy fast.

anything above this will introduce more instability, and provide very marginal performance gains. (CPU's don't scale linearly with clock speed)

I know but I really just want to see this score go to like 1350-1400 lol

any workload that will actually take advantage of your CPU, will require the stability.

not to mention these chips get VERY power hungry and very hot when OC'd

I have mine under water and it only get like 70ish C max so I feel like I have a bit more head room :P

well 4.6/4.7 you hit a voltage wall, and require allot more voltage for minimal gains, and makes the system prone to crashing/harder to get 100% stable settings

i mean yolo go for 4.8 and jack the voltage up but its into the not worth it range

I guess but I'm saying is there any other settings other than cpu frecency kinda like cache that will help get a better score

not really.

for improved stability you can set the Load Line calibration to its max, allow overcurrent.

You could overclock the cache.
But yeah then you will have to start all over again.
And you wont gain that much.

I already OC ed the cache but I'm asking is there any other dials to overclock?

probably hit the upper limit.

I'm sitting at 4.4Ghz on my 5930K 1.295V running at about 65C under my NHD-15

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could you share more settings? I have a 5930k arriving tomorrow and will be looking to overclock it to 4.4/5/6 ghz area.

NH-D14 with Asus X99-A USB 3.1

Yeah but just a tiny littlebit according to your OP.
I think there is still some room for improvement there.

Just out of curiosity what timings are your memory?
Could you give a full system spec, that would be wonderful.

I'm having my 5820k at 4.4ghz, and I'm getting the same cinebench score as you, so there is certainly room for improvement on your system.

I'm running X99 sabertooth, 5820k @4.4ghz core and 4ghz cache, along with memory oc at 2800mhz CL12 with tight secondary timings and whatnot.

+200mv core voltage offset, (sits at around 1.2v under load)
Offset the cache as well to get around 1.05v under load.
Offset the system agent to get around 1v.

Those are the main voltages you want to care about.

Hmm that overclock if rock stable looks pretty neat.
I think you have a very nice balance between core clock, cache and ram timings there.
Raw cpu core clock speed isnt everything for that matter. ☺

I have mine at 1.35V at 4.6Ghz and a Cache oc of 3.4GHz at 1.2v

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I have mine at 4.5 @ 1.3V on a Kraken X61. Your OC is fine.