OC 2500k

Here is a question! When i run IBT (intel Burn test) my CPU limits it'self to 4.2Ghz despite EVERY LIMITING FACTOR turned off in my Chipset (p67) . I don't think Sandy Bridge limits itself with TPD as it has never done this before. does anyone know why? (Clocked at 4.4GHz at 1.34v)

What are your temperatures when running intel burn test?

I just looked at your specs and it looks like you're running an MSI motherboard. That may very well be your problem. I used to have an MSI Z68A-GD80, and it would throttle the CPU if you took the multiplier above 47. I looked up some reviews online too, and it was a flaw of the board. Every single Z68A-GD80 had that problem. This is one of the reasons I don't buy MSI anymore. They can advertise overclocking all they want, but that's only to make up for the fact that their boards suck at overclocking.

My temps are fine due to a small and mighty cooler, Havn't seen them above 75C really. I wasn't expecting it to be the board. I should try this CPU on my m-ITX with a Z77 Gigabyte board. Thanks though! 

 I am thinking of upgrading the motherboard anyway to an Asus Z77-V .  

Yeah, trying it out on your other board would be a good idea, and Asus makes some really nice z77 boards. Try out the sabertooth board if you have the budget. If not, then the p8 boards are always good too.