OBS - video stutters a bit

Hello guys!

I have started to record some gameplays (Rocket League) with my pc (GeForce GTX 970, Intel i5-4670K, 8GB RAM) but the video is a bit laggy, I tried to fix this myself, but I don't really know what all the settings do. I got myself some settings from the internet and played a bit with them, but the lag is still there in the video.
Can someone maybe tell me, which settings influence the stability?

Thanks guys :)

I save them on my HDD, but I have an SSD too, dont know if that's what yoe meant :)

These are the setting i use and ive found they work perfectly.

Use CBR: Disabled
Quality Balance: 10
Bitrate: 1000
Use custom buffer size: Enabled
Buffer size: 0

Advanced Options
x264 CPU Preset: Ultrafast
Use custom x264 parameters: Enabled
Custom x264 parameters: crf=X
Where X is anywhere from 1-20, lower being higher quality / higher CPU usage. A good place to start is the 15 - 20 range. A CRF of 0 enables lossless recording which will have very high file size and CPU requirements and introduces compatibility issues, so be careful!

Setting the buffer size to zero disables the VBV system, allowing x264 to hit any bitrate necessary to achieve the quality (CRF) specified. If you wish to increase quality further, you need to use advanced options - quality 10 is equal to a CRF of 22, which is fine for live streams but not so good for local recording.

For compatibility with various editing software, it's also recommended to enable CFR (advanced options) and do not use CRF 0. CRF 0 uses "High 444" mode which a lot of editing software (and some video players) cannot handle.

(from the OBS forum https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-classic-how-to-make-high-quality-local-recordings.16/)

I tried your settings, but it lags even more than before :(

Try using Nvidia NVENC, with 20000 bitrate.

x264 is cpu intensive af. Using your GPU's encoder has next to no performance impact.

I think quick sync will be better for you

Use Quick Sync or NVEC, both of those options alleviate the stress from the cpu cores and put it onto other processing units in the system, Quick Sync on the CPU's iGpu and NVEC is on the video cards video engine :)

Ok, I'll check them out later, thanks for the tips :)

Nvidia works perfectly fine!
Thank you a lot!

Anyone a quick recommendation on which program is open source and good to edit vids with youtube quality?

Blender (open source)
Davinci Resolve (not open source, but is free)
Hitfilm 4 Express (not open source, but is free)
Shotcut (open source)

Fusion 8 for visual effects

Thank you very much :)

Turn your FPS down. Unless you built your system around doing 50 FPS specifically push it down to 30 or 40. My system can handle 40 at max but 30 is my standard (most of the time).

I use kdenlive. Its very good and from what I know and have used in and about the adobe suite KDL is more intuitive for me. Someone will say I'm wrong, whatever, but KDL does VERY well even on a C2D laptop :P If you have a mac or linux machine you can use KDL. They are working on a windows client but its in VERY early stages (but honestly I ain't touching that shit).