OBS Studio/Intel Quicksync

Hey all,

Not entirely sure I am posting in the right place but I hope I am.
I have been having serious issues getting the new OBS Studio (previously used an old OBS beta) to work with intel quicksync encoder... it just doesnt show up in obs studio as an available encoder.
I have enabled the intel onboard graphics and setup a pseudo monitor as was the steps in the previous versions of the software but still no luck.
Any help would be much appreciated

Do you really need QS? What does it do? I've been curious but necer looked it up.

Think I can help I have used quick sync too. Knowing what CPU you are using will help here as Quicksync is enabled a little different depending on what gen it is.

Also a issue I had once. If you are using VT-d for hardware pass through of a video card in a virtual machine. Quick Sync tends to not work right on some motherboards.