OBS - Local Recording @ 720p

So my RPG group wants to start keeping logs of our games. We use RPTools MapTool plus Skype. I'm not looking to stream, just record locally and possibly upload it somewhere in the name of posterity (and because some of us get too drunk and forget shit). I only want to record @720p res, with all of the audio recorded at the same time. I would sit and fiddle with it myself but I am very time poor atm.

I have until Friday to work it out, but if anyone has a good knowledge of it and can just throw up some settings I would be very grateful!

p.s I could quite possibly be drunk now.

p.p.s This is kinda like the guy that outsourced his job to China and browsed reddit all day.

p.p.p.s check this gif out I saw on reddit! https://i.imgur.com/slEXhCv.gif

how proud are you that you are drunk?
and how does it have any positive value to us?
and you don't ask any real question...
go to google.com and type "OBS settings 720p tutorial"
if you are poor atm maybe put the money you spent on alcohol in a savings account and buy something

Well I'm not so sure if you're serious but :

  1. I wouldn't say that I was drunk considering I was pretty coherent in my OP. See 5.

  2. In all seriousness I was looking for someone who does this and was looking for responses indicating so. Not some fucking righteous wanker to show up. Insert thyself.

  3. Settings motherfucker, do you have them.

  4. I could quite easily do that but I'm TIME poor. If you understood the meaning of that, I might be able to get somewhere.

  5. time-poor : adjective: spending most of one's time working or busy; lacking free time."time-poor office workers"

It's all good, I know I won't get any help if you're the first to answer. In the time it has taken me to type this out, I could of quite possibly done what I just asked. Silly me for thinking that someone else might do something similar.

p.s take that to the nuts.

I have some solid settings for 1080p. I know it's not quite what you are looking for but it should work nonetheless. I am using a AMD 8350 and R9 270x when recording locally. This works well for me, but as always, your milage may vary.

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Thanks mate!

No problem!

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alright you like to make a list,
i guess it's appropriate for me to answer your list.

1 . as for you not being drunk you do tend to make that impression

2 . i do do that, but you did not really ask clearly. also i flagged your comment because of but not only

3 . yes i do have settings, and another reason to flag

4 . i do understand the meaning of that, however you do not really let us know that you are talking about time, since you do apparently have time to play games.

the rest, good thinking pall.

oh and another reason to flag your post

maybe you should read the community guidelines see here because you have broken a lot of the rules stated.

I hereby tender my resignation to Tek Syndicate.


Yours Truly

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