OBS Issues: Linux

When I try to start the latest version of OBS I get this error at the end as well as another.

Error in `obs': double free or corruption (out): 0x000000000282ecc0

The other error

"Cannot find driver: swrast"

Not sure what to do about this and I have to start a stream in a half hour.


Edit: I am aware swrast is with the graphics drivers. I have an AMD card and I would like to keep the open sauce drivers mainly due to the fact that AMD could care less about linux drivers and the open sauce drivers tend to work better for AMD.

reboot first try again report back

According to this https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/fails-to-launch-on-linux-mint-17.25662/
it's an opengl 3.2+ error check opengl

What gpu are you using? is it newish?


Does is support opengl 3.2?
Worst Buy says yes

I am using an XFX R7 250X core edition. It was built a few months ago but I got it on sale.

try this
join linux mints irc they'll help you better than I can


Well I rebooted and now my second monitor doesn't work and aparently ubuntu thinks I am using a manually installed driver.

I was using the FOSS driver >:

Now I'm just getting pissed off.

Edit: OBS still doesn't work. Fuck this buillshit.