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OBS for Linux: Popping and clicking audio



I’ve been trying to record (not stream) some WINE+DXVK & Steam Play gameplay with OBS for Linux. After some fumbling around, I manage to capture some video. However, there is a problem with the audio; there’s a lot of popping and clicking, even though in-game audio is crystal clear. I’ve put up one example here. It’s not totally horrible, but definitely noticeable.

Has anyone else run into this? If so, did you find any way to fix or at least lessen it?


Got the same issue in GPU passthrough with Crash Bandicoot in a VM, Whenever a level loaded in the VM, my audio started cutting out in the recording. It happened with both Looking Glass and capture card capture regardless of NVENC or not.

This seems like an issue with the recent versions of OBS with heavy load situations. Remember that DXVK along with the multithreading of modern games can tax the CPU quite heavily.

This was my thread on my issues:


@FurryJackman Interesting. I wouldn’t think CPU load would be an issue, since I have an 8C/16T CPU. I’ll try monitoring CPU usage next time I record. I should note that I experienced the static in Fallout 4 which I believe is not a heavily threaded game, so there should be a few free cores/threads for capturing/encoding video & audio. It should be noted that I am not using NVENC either. I tried with both the ‘fast’ and ‘veryfast’ presets @ 1080p/30fps and experienced the same effect at both settings.

There was absolutely NO problem with audio while playing the game(s). It’s only upon reviewing the recording that the audio issues are noticeable. I did try one native Linux game and did not notice the popping, but it wasn’t a very demanding game either.