Oblivion: possible memory leaks

So I decided to fire up The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion again and actually get more than 10% of the game done this time. After all, it's one of the best games ever made... if you install 100 mods like me huehuehuehue....

Anyway, I've noticed that, apart from the buggyness and regular crashes that are unavoidable in Oblivion, the VRAM slowly fills up as I play, eventually maxing out and causing a crash if I cell change. The game + mods already takes .7GBs to 1.4GBs VRAM for internal cells, depending on the cell, and .8GBs to 2.6GBs for external cells, again depending.

The VRAM maxing is not immediate, thankfully, as that would mean 4 or fewer cell changes with different texture packages/groups would max it. It slowly fills, as if the old data is purged, but incompletely. I do notice the VRAM go down upon entering less demanding cells. Sometimes I can go 1-2 hours before it's full, depending on where I go. The oblivion realm is a pain though. That place is 2 GBs VRAM at the least. It isn't too bad however as I usually can go long enough without VRAM filling. I usually get a typical Oblivion crash before that happens.

CPU: FX-6300
GPU: GTX 760
4x4 G. Skillz RAM
Windows7 SSD
Oblivion on WD Green HDD

The only thing that comes to mind is probably irrelevant: are you using an LAA enabler?

You'll need to remind me what that is.

Large Address Aware -- basically, opening it up to using more RAM in general. I assume there's an enabler for Oblivion, pretty sure there are generic ones as well.

Aaaahhhh.... That thing. I ran the 4GB system RAM patch on the .exe but that shouldn't affect the VRAM. In fact... Idk why that patch even exists. Oblivion never uses more than 1.8GBs of system RAM

I'm told they're essential, never bothered to figure out why.

Anyway, since that's not going to be it, it's likely one of your mods.

If it was tankimg the system ram I'd agree because that could easily be a script bogging down or just more and more stuff piling on. But VRAM? Why wouldn't VRAM clear? I'll have to get back on NexusMods forums sometime probably.

Any texture packs, ENB, or similar installed?

Tons of HD texture replacers but nothing like ENB. There are only three graphics things I'm using that aren't simple replacers: Animated Window Lighting, OBGE Liquid Water, and Real Lava. Oh, and some weather randomizer that also adds in new weather effects. Can't remember what it's a part of though.

it most likely one of the mod. Mod programmers many times are not even aware they are leaking memory. The LAA patch had to virtual memory addressing which when Oblivion cam out was a mess in the Windows API. It most like some object that was mod is not being drawn correctly and and it is always screen. if it happens in certain area more often look at all the mods that are affecting that area.

I would disable each of those not-replacers one at a time and test for the leak.

What is this LAA for oblivion? Have a specific name?

Will do. I'm currently messing with RAEVWD to see if I can get it working and optimized in my system. I've never really ran it. But it might actually help detect the problem.

Ran around with RAEVWD turned on for a bit. VRAM didn't spike at all, so it's definitely not textures that are the problem, although the FPS was abysmal. Interestingly, my average GPU usage went down and my average CPU usage increased. Based on usage, it seemed my GTX 760 was bottlenecking my FX-6300 before in games but this seems to be the opposite. I wonder if there is an optimizer.

it just a patch to allowing the application to address more an 2GB in virtual memory. However since most people don't patch it correctly it cause the application to become unstable. They forget to patch the dll. not to mention i really don't trust the people writing these patches. on more complex applications just setting the flags won't fix anything because of how the applications are written. Sometimes it is better not to try to make things better. LAA is the name of the flag in the executable.

Seems useless anyway, if you aren't having a system RAM issue, which I'm not. Do you know of a list of CPU/GPU utilisations for Oblivion? I just found and did a tweak of setting my shader package higher (oblivion often auto detects and sets shader packages lower than the GPU actually can do) and the min FPS increased by 50%. I'd love another tweak and another 50% XD

Have you tried running the console command "pcb"? If you can get away with just running that every now and then, I'd say you'll be fine. Otherwise you'll need something to change how the game manages VRAM utilization, such as a mod by the name of "Streamline".

We're kinda necroing this at this point, but I discovered something.

@Jebedia47 I actually had a mod installed called "Purge Cell Buffer" which basically is a script that runs the "pcb" command every x number of loadscreens. The mod and doing it manually never seemed to purge VRAM. Anyway, one day I was playing and it went two hours without crashing (a looong time to not crash in Oblivion, I was surprised) and my VRAM was maxed, all 4024MB used constantly, but it was working. It seemed that it was over-writing the old data no longer in use (that was still in VRAM), so it was always full, but never bottlenecked. Anybody ever experience something like this before?

Hello @Tek_Elf

I have a problem like yours. I have a 980ti with 6gb of vram and vram would go up and up every time a cell changes. For testing I simply went into a dungeon, do a 180, go back out, and go back in. This will jack my vram up until I crash. More interestingly, this behavior does not occur in Win 7 (I use 10). With 7 vram hits max and just stays there and FPS does not drop.

I do know that there is a known problem with Win 8/10 and the way it handles DX9 32bit games. Boris, who did ENB, noted this. The OS just can't see over 4gb of vram. I could show the game pre-emptively discarding things in vram, and this can sometimes cause stuttering.

This behavior seems different, but I wouldn't be too surprised if that same flaw manifested in a different way here.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this: The thing that caused vram to go up for me was OBGE. With Oblivion Reloaded this was not a problem. This presents a problem because my favorite mod (Ambient Dungeons) is OBGE, and I don't know how to port it over, and OR is a huge mod that will have problems of its own.