NZXT Whisper

I am looking on building a new i7 rig. Im new the PC, ive been using Mac's for quite a while. Im switch because i fell in love with Windows 7. I am into very quiet and quality cases with lots of harddrive bays, I was looking at the NZXT Whisper. I was wondering if NZXT made quality cases and if u had any other cases in mind.Im not on too much of a budget but somewhere from $100-$200

NZXT Whisper

NZXT Whisper aint that good. It might be silent but its cooling is very weak...

If you want silence and performance I would say check out one of these:

Antec Performance One P-193:
Antec Performance One P-183:

You can not go wrong with either of these only if you don't like the looks of it. The P-193 has an extra 200mm fan on the side panel and is a little deeper which means it can also house up to 2x 140mm on top, which it already has. The P-183 does not have that extra fan on the side panel and is a litte less deep which means it only has 1x 120mm on top. Both cases have build in fan controller.

Another Case thats pretty silent
Coolermaster Comsos 1000 :

i7 heat up quite a bit when you overclock think of upgrading to water cooling or good heat sink fan combination as upgrades later

any case can be silent and perform well if the right fans are used.


Antec Skelleton FTW

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