NZXT vs NZXT vs NZXT vs NZXT. The decisions

So basically im upgrading my case. Call me a fanboy if you want but i really do like the aesthetics of NZXT cases and have whittled down my ever lasting list of what to buy down to NZXT.

So 3 of this list are phantoms being 



the original phantom 

and then the final being

Switch 810

Aesthetically i love all of them and i am neck and neck between the P630 and the S810.

I really need opinions from people as at one point i was certain of getting the S810 but now im not so sure.

Thanks for reading

Ive got the s810 myself and yeah its really good, but.... to me the 630 seems a little more refined. Like the 3 hdd cages instead of 2 big ones. Plus it easier to fit a front rad in the front whilst still retaining hdd cages. Something you cant do in an 810 ~ you can take just one hdd cage for a rad in the bottom or both cages out for a front rad. If someone were to offer a straight swap, a 630 for my 810, I wouldnt hesitate in accepting.

Have you considered the H440 at all? Makes for a very good looking build.

Ive got the Phantom 530, realy good case imo. decent cable routing options, allot of radiator options.

I have the switch 810 and my wife has the phantom 410 mid tower. I really like mine compared to hers as the size is nice but it isn't too over bearing. I chose to keep the bottom HD cage in to use the fan for my 970s and remove the middle HD cage for better airflow. So if you have more than 3 HD you might want to check how the others work in that regard. I have never owned those but I can tell you about mine. fits all of my components just fine and it runs silent and cool. It has enough airflow to keep my strix 970s cool so they never kick the fans on. So far I am really satisfied with it and if I had to I would buy it again... maybe in gunmetal instead of white though. If need be I can post some pictures.  

I'd do the H440... just my .02

I have a phantom 530. I like it. It's big, lots of airflow. I sometimes have issues with thumb screw holes stripping out. And, because it is so big, it is an echo chamber. Which can be good or bad. Bad if you have a noisy optical drive. Good because you can hear the heads starting to fail on your hard drive and will be able to make a back up in time. I personally am getting tired of the exterior looks. Just not my thing. Only reason I have it is cuz a friend gave it to me as a gift. I miss the look of my Tempest 410, NZXT had a good thing going there with the removable front fan modules. All the Tempest 410 needed was modular hard drive cages, and the case would have been perfect.

My next case will probably be either a Source 530 or a Fractal Design Define R4

i do really like the h440 but its the fact there is no bays at the front for my disk drive which i use a bit. I know i could get an external hard drive. How does it compare to a 630 which im swaying towards

I think im swaying towards the P630 now. thanks for all the feedback

That would be great i was looking at the Matte Black and the gunmetal versions aswell.  

Thanks for the advice the general vibe is go with a P630 but 2 people have now suggested the H440 which i have looked at but its the lack of the front 5 1/4 inch bys because i have a disk drive that i use a bit.

But i could get a external drive and i think i might have one lying about ill have a look

If you like  NZXT look at the M59 i've stuck to it for 3 builds now only gripe is cable management.

*Edit its been discontinued that makes me a sad panda*



I've recently purchased the Original phantom, It is a fantastic option for just about anything, but if you can swing it the 820 is very similar with plenty more space and options, although less of an array of color choices if that is part of your decision. I purchased the orange and black edition

Although it's not a phantom, I've been using an H630 for a few months now.  Overall, I"m really happy with it.  The phantom 630 also has the benefit of a PWM fan controller over the fan hub that's included in the H630.