Nzxt s340 or define r4/5?

Do they have the same build quality? 

Do they offer the same cooling with default fans?

Do they have the same airflow?

And what do u guys think look the best? 

They are all pretty on par with eachother, but the R5 brings it up a half a notch.

roughly the same. any differences are negligible out of the box.

the r4/r5 can achieve better airflow due to both HD cages being removable allowing for the front 140's to blow into the case unrestricted. if you plan on running 2 SSD's and 2 HDD's/ODD's max then the cages can be removed. 

i would go with the R5 as it has a number of improvements over the R4, but if you're a bit more budget minded the R4 is still great and can be had at a good discount nowadays. 

BUT if you really dig the NZXT its not a bad choice. either 3 cases are awsome.

The intake on the S340 is a bit limited, if airflow  is going to be important. I find the separate PSU compartment to be a useless design, but some like it when they are looking into the case instead of at the screen. 

The s340 has a scratchy window? Does this make a difference in your eyes? If you get it just be wary, or just get a protector?


And i prefer the Fractals buuuuut the s340 PSU cover is genius and makes the case better overall. Build quality is sound on both it is solely purpose and preference when it comes to cases. Make a decision based on the advantages and disadvantages.

Why not the H440 instead of the S340, then the differences would be much smaller again. Making your decision harder... Oh I have made things worse.

Its not even my build and I couldn't decide, now i don't know how anyone will.

Red,  blue,  white,  razer?  Oh god,  u made worse

Or even more colours if you have the time:

*ends up with a macbook air

Oh no I went too far. Stay Away For The Trash Can!

I need a window to show off my build and pretend im smart to impress console peasants and other visitors.

Go with the R5 if you plan on going custom H2O, otherwise the R4 will be just fine.  For the price its a damn nice case, my friend just built his computer in one after switching from a planned h440 build.  He told me it was one of the better switches he made! :)  I personally love my R5, and comparing thebuild quality of my R5, his R4, and my Node 804 I can say fractals have very high build quality.  Both of the NZXT cases I have worked with have been ok, but not good.  I'd say the windowed R4.