NZXT Phantom Top fan help

I bought the NZXT Phantom recently and I thought I'd buy some extra fans for it. I'm having difficulty removing the preinstalled dust filter where the second 200mm top fan goes. It's not screwed in (they seem to be some kind of rivet things). The case manual gives no indication as to how to remove it and my Google search for a guide proved fruitless. These are internet images of what I'm talking about:

From the top -

From the bottom -

So any help you can give me is greatly appreciated Tek forumers.

Okay so I think I had something similar to this on one of my cases. You pinch the bottom of the pin together and push it up. Hope this helps!

Yeah, they're push-pins that hold that filter in. -- Just pinch the two pins together and push upward, they'll come out.

I know they're push-pins and already tried to pinch them together. They don't budge one bit.

If for some reason yours are actually riveted, you will have to drill them out.

That was one suggestion given to me by a friend. It's a last resort if I can't find some other method of removing them. 

I may just ditch installing it on the top and install it on the side, given I have enough clearance.