NZXT Phantom 820 Water Cooling Project

Here are my plans (please tear them apart if you see something wrong)

I've had this case for a while; its time to do something about that. This will definitely Take a long time and I have no means of acquiring any of this yet.
I'm prepared to save up for the next few months.

Just be sure you dont get a long modular psu as you wont be able to clear the 280 in the bottom. Even a 240 in the bottom doesnt leave all that much room for cables.
2nd res = waste of money.

Indeed, I've already checked the clearance and it should be good to go👍
I had a dream once that my computer was already watercooled and had like pluming hose instead of tubes like this

I'm actually curious if something like this would even work

You should probably have one more intake fan to create Positive air pressure so that your dust problem isn't too bad.

or have higher RPM intakes

But that would lead to a noisier system.

You have to compensate somehow. or you will have negative pressure in the system. 4 exhausts vs 3 intakes does not work well unless those 3 intakes are spinning faster

Yeah hoses like that are fine provided they dont come into contact with the components.

It depends on the metals used in pluming hoses , there is a chance of galvanic corrosion depending on the rest of metals used in your loop. If you decide to use second res make sure it doesn`t make your loop more difficult to bleed , add extra flow restrictions or extra bubbles.

There is a side panel intake that I should have mentioned @maxthemonster @deejeta also I can get rid of the rear exhausted and cover it up

That should help with the GPU and dust.