NZXT Phantom 820 MATTE Case Used for sale

Whats up everyone! I have a spare case and it is the NZXT Phantom 820, its matte black. Everything on the case is like new except where the case side panels go onto the case, there is scratching there from rubbing of metal. (see pics) The only issue is with the rear IO light/it is out, but all the other lights are 100% good to go. This case is a beast but I wanted something smaller for my current Haswell build. Asking 180 shipped. I am asking here first for a lower price than what I post on eBay because I want to help someone out if they want/need a new case. I will also toss in three Cooler Master SickleFlow 120-2000 RPM 120 mm Computer Case Cooling Fan (Smoke) (used) This will ship in the original box as well. If you want pics PM me and I'll email them to you. I'm not wasting 10 minutes to reshoot/resize/reupload. Non-sense.

Picture(s) need your TekSyndicate username, and the date, need to be visible in the pictures, please.

ill take them down.

Hey, real longshot here. You still got that case? Lol

I actually do still have it lol. It’s been in the box for years haha.

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Also WB @TechSilver13 lol