NZXT Phantom 820 Case Mod

This is actually just a paint job, maybe some custom design if I think of one.

I'm going with a black and this metalic grey over the white and black on the case.
Essentially where ever there is currently white will be black and where there is black will be grey.

This is a multi day mod (obviously) so more will be posted through out the day tomorrow and so on. Hope everything turns out well!


Trusty ole Rust-Oleum haha

Looks like a fun project!

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I didn't realize how many little pieces a square had!

Sweet, that'll look really good for that case! Have you considered maybe tackling the side panel window allocations to make it just one solid window WITHOUT the fan mesh, or do you like it as-is? That was the ONLY thing that truly bugged me about that case, everything else I rather like. Also, you plan on drilling out the rivets and everything to get the case down to just parts?

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It was a thought, thought I don't have the tools necessary for that kind of job. for now paint and maybe later some more hardcore modification. Also no I'm not removing the rivets, which this case doesn't have many of thankfully. I can break it down quite a lot with out having to go to that :)

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See this Instagram photo by @grim.tony • 1 like


officially going well
See this Instagram photo by @grim.tony
Still preping the rest

Have about 2 thirds to go
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Temporary case Spec01 from Corsair
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Up early today in order to get all the white to black. I need to go to the hardware store to get more black for the actual chassis. I also need the right grey.

I didn't bother documenting the grey because it felt repetitive.

Also messed up on this but it looks kinda cool, like its battle scared (is what I'm telling myself) it actually looked fine before except it had some paint dripping and so I tried to fix it... This is what happens when I try to fix things.... Maybe that's why my last relationship fell apart, because she knew this and so when I said "I can fix this" she was like "NOPE"

Definitely a five foot mod though

can we just take a moment to appreciate my excellent cable management here

What a journey and it could still use some touching up

I also decided to sand the edges of the window-side panel to fit the feel the front gives, over all pretty happy. Looks like a post Apocalypse computer.


looks sick dude, love it!

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Thanks a ton! It was a lot of fun to do. Highly recommend if you have a weeks worth of work to spare. And actually its not done... I need to get a RTW sticker on it, to take the place of my old Majora's Mask