NZXT Phantom 630 or Switch 810?

I have just finished upgrading my old computer and my rig now lies in a Zalman Z9 U3. As much as I like the case it is only a mid tower and cannot fit a 240mm radiator and the cooling is limited (I will most probably buy a Swiftech H220 once I have bought a new case). I have come up with the two options above, NZXT Phanotm 630 and Switch 810, but I am split between which case to get. I like the side fan on the Phantom 630 because it can help keep gpu temps down but I love the huge side window on the Switch 810. Im also a sucker for gun metal grey and will probably get either case that colour.

Any advice would be great, fire away!

I know that the 630 has a lot of features, it is a case I have considered before. You have SSD mounts on the back of the motherboard tray. Lots of cooling options. A fan mount on the HDD cage which can blow directly onto your GPUs, or alternately onto your CPU.
[br]Honestly, I couldn't decide. I'm unsure if you can buy a larger window panel for the 630. However, I know that the expensive Phantom 820 can fit the same window panel as the 810. That's the best of both worlds. Larger case, hue lighting system. Probably not worth the extra $50.

NZXT is one of my favorite brands for cases and i personally plan on getting the switch this summer.

Both have very good cooling options, The 810 has a little bit more i believe. and it has a window.

Berserker covered some other angles, so i won't repeat

But one deal breaker for me is. I need a flat topped case. I usually put stuff ontop of my case whether it be a Flash drive hard drive or some random papers. And i can't do that with a phantom

Is there a necesary deal breaker for you? if not the cheaper case should do just fine.

Good points, I don't really see the point of the hue lighting system for the ectra money, I'd rater just get some LED strips and stick them on the inside of the case, at the moment I'm kind of leaning towards getting the switch 810 mainly because of the awesome side window :D

I would get the 630. I don't care much for massive side windows. You do get a side window. Though, somewhat small. All the cooling options are attractive. I think NZXT have come a long way since the original Phantom, which I still have, I would love to utilise the additional fans from that chassis in a 630 or 820.

I think the 810 would make a better water cooling rig. I think that's what you should base your decision on. Water vs air.

Personally, I am going to pick up a 600T from Corsair. It has a door on the side, instead of a side panel held in place by thumb screws. The door just makes the chassis look a little more high quality and easier to work around. It does come with a solid panel or a window/mesh, and you can hide a radiator in the top. It is a similar price point to the cases you are looking at. It is smaller, but I think it makes for a very attractive case as a nice third option.

I have always liked the 600T's styling and it's a beautiful chassis but I'm looking for a larger case, Seeing as Im going to be predominantly air cooling I'll probably go for the 630 like you said, the side fan increases air flow over the graphics card and motherboard quite a lot and will probably be really useful in keeping my temps down

They basically have the same interior, so Its really up to you do decide which one looks better.

Forgot to mention the fan mount on the HDD cage takes 120 or 140mm fans. That would be very beneficial

Since your not doing a custom loop then the 630 would be the better choice. A little smaller plus the modular hdd cages are in 3 sizes inside which is genious i reckon. Plus it still has its bigger brothers handy rear led to light up the i/o area at the back.