NZXT Kraken X60, my Case and 1 problem

Hi Logan, Wendel and the INBOX.EXE-Forum,

 I have a little problem.

I bought a Kraken X60 and a Airocool Mechatron Case. In the description it said "Up to 2 140mm Fans at the Top" so i thought "hmm, 2 140mm Fans...2x140=280...280mm Radiator on the X60"...well, guess what, the X60 doesn't fit in the top because someone over at Airocool thought it would be a good idea to have a 30mm "bump" right where the build-in reservior(s) of the X60 would be so it doesn't fit.

 Right now i mounted the radiator in a pretty bad position at the sidepanel (hoses top, pretty level to the pump and only 1 140mm fan). I have pretty okay cooling with about 34°C @ idle but i want the "full deal" so i'm lokking for a Case that can hold the X60 in the top but i seriously have no real clue which case is suitable so here i am.

I was looking at the 900D but with a pricetag of about 305€...i don't think i want to spend so much money on a case, even though i know i'd have plenty of room in there for a fully watercooled system.

Maybe you guys have some recommendations and thank you.