NZXT Kraken X60 help!

Ok after much tinker I found a few kinks in this AIO water cooler. Anyways there's just 2 things that peevs me right now.

1) My X60 mount is being held be 2 out of the 4 screw mounts, they are across each other. For the life of me I can't get all 4 to equally grasp the backplate. Tried a good 2 hours to no avial. I've used 3 backplates now. Using  the OEM backplace. the plastic AMD one that comes with it actually is only good with the shorter (INTEL) screws???? For some reason.


2) Only looks good with tubes in front. I'ved tried having it with tube in back but with the back rear fan it's just a hassle and doesn't look good at scrunched up in the back. So front it is. Also It's next to impossible to have the NZXT LED logo facing up. 


In conclusion I'm getting 2-5c degrees cooler than my Noctua NH-D14. Actually passing the Intel Burn Test @ 4.4Ghz.

Also alot of guides & walkthroughs on the internet make it looks so easy to push push/pull fans in. I didn't realize I had to put push in first before putting pull. Only way I could get those M3s screws in was using tape to tape the fans in alignment and not move as much as possible.

ATM everything is gravy. Temps looks good but pump is always constantly at 2900-3100 RPM. Liqud is 27-38c. So my final thought is is that too high? Can't find any specs out there to say.. "safe liquid temps" etc..


Just my computer specs:

AMD FX 8350 @ 4.4 Ghz

Gigabyte 970-D3 v3.0 (Have a Asus M5A99X eveo r2.0 on standby, with bios/cpu/power issues)

Corsair 750D, G-Skill Ripjaws 4x4GB, OCZ 1250watt ZX series PSU.

Unless there is a manufacturing fault with your unit you've not installed the unit correctly. Uneven distribution of pressure of the heatsink onto the cpu will yield uneven temps. Read the instruction manual.

Dont need to 'push' first before 'pull', you can do either or both. 'Pull' alone will collect more dust on the rad.

I love my x60. It doesn't exactly fit in my case (Phantom 410) but it works.

I haven't used it with an AMD build so I can't comment on the temps, but 3000rpm for the pump is around what I get. I also get liquid temps ranging from 20c at idle to sometimes 45c under load. Overall I'm really happy with it. 

ah thanks guys. I found out my problem. There's these screw thingys that I missed on step 1. I've gotten 3 out of 4 tighten now, but still has variance in temps. Getting 28-37c in idle temps, which I think varies too much. I've pin down it to 1 pin that keeps popping out when i screw the 4 mount screws so gonna have to remount it a few more times or something.