NZXT Kraken 61 false marketing

Hi guys! Love your stuff. Big fan!.. Unfortunately, NZXT has let me down a lot, for a long time. Maybe you are commercially partnered with them and can't really tell the truth, for your bread and butter, but I need to tell people the horrors I lived with their X61 cooler.

1st of all, after 6 months waiting for the advertised "improvement" on their idiotic CAMS software, I was forced to complain to them directly. Response came now, more than 1 month after, saying "yeah, we know about it, and we are working on it" (comcast-like). I've been installing all newer version of CAMS, but Every newer version is a bit worst that the previous. Now they force you to create an account for the "side-kick" service of measuring FPSs (never requested) in games to work, and if you don't want to create an account, the CAMSFPS service still runs in your background, taking resources but doing nothing.
The CAMS itself takes my overclocked 5930k between 1 and 12% processing power (can you see the irony, a cooler that makes your processor hotter, by software? LOL)

I know you are close with NZXT, so maybe I'm barking to the wrong tree :) but these shenanigans must stop! Give me a lightweight app to control my hardware without taking so much resources and processing power, or give me my money back... And shame on you to force me to create an account with you, just to use a service you force on my system, regardless. Without my information (to create the account) the CAMSFPS just lies dormant, taking up resources in my system! What!? NZXT, you are worst than micro$oft's new spyware OS!

Sorry guys, love your shows, big fan! I sounded like I'm going at you, but I was talking to NZXT in the last paragraph :) It was just out of frustration from being ignored from NZXT.

To prove my post, please read this thread from NZXT forum :)

Don't apologize.

Sucks that you're having so much trouble. This might not be of much help/interest to you, but I use a fan controller to control my AIO cooler. It has thermal probes that I've placed on the CPU, and adjusts the fan speed based on temp.

Ironically, its an NZXT controller, but maybe you could use something like that instead of software?

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Thanks a million :) I tried that already. Unfortunately, if I don't have CAMS running, the pump and fans wont change :( ..and it is plugged into the CPU fan header. I have to run the CAMS idiotic program to set the fans to higher speeds before I do something demanding on my system, and then exit it.

I'm so frustrated by the customer service and the system itself. NXZT is now one of my most hated companies! Lying bloatware spyware bastards! LOL

Out of curiosity, what happens if you run Linux since CAM is windows-only? Does your system just melt? lol

Very good question :) Unfortunately, at the time I have no installation of Linux to test it. I do have a W10 installation (that I only run with my network cable physically disconnected and no wifi), and is the same, if not worst...
Could give a try with some usb-live linux distro, but I'm 50/50 to how it would work with this hardware, as Windows doesn't care about the temps if CAMS is not running...

What is your pump/radiator fan(s) plugged into? I have a Corsair H60 and I have the pump plugged in to the SYS_FAN header and the rad fan plugged into the CPU_FAN header, which seems to do just fine. Can you just unplug it from whatever magic smart thing is causing all the trouble and plug it straight into the motherboard?

Krakens work fine under Linux

I've never had any issues with CAM - what exactly is happening and maybe I can help you.
Also if you dont want to run CAM you can still run the old non cam software instead.

I have it plugged to the CPU fan header, as I would a normal air cooler. The fans I use in the radiator are the ones it came with... I mean, I don't have any complaints regarding the hardware. The hardware is solid and good... The software is atrocious, resource hod and makes the system altogether hotter, just to run it LOL ..and NZXT doesn't really care about it, probably because they try to enter the " big data game" and want your data to sell... I'm not going to change my OS, for the hardware that is advertised to work on my OS, but doesn't.

I call for shenanigans on NZXT!!

Oh, what non-CAM software? I'm very interested in it :)

Its even called CAMSucks
You also need HardwareMonitor

oh, ok... I don't want to run a java jvm for the sake of cooling my CPU. It's just a cooler! I don't want it to consume hundreds of MBs on my system (at this moment, at 178MB). A cooler should just be a cooler, not a resource hog nor a try to get my info and collect my data. It's a cooler, for god's sake LOL

From an Owner of the X41, I know exactly what you're talking about. The hardware itself is great, My FX6300 would idle at 6C-8C, But the usage of CAM was stupid.

Not to mention with each update they kept taking useful features away, the X41 has a variable speed pump, and CAM used to allow me to change that speed manually. This allowed me to quickly in a short burst cool down my CPU when I needed it to. Unfortunately they took that out.

I love the Hardware it works wonders, I just personally hate CAM.

Exactly my point! The hardware is good. The customer support and the software are worst than comcast!
"Please help me TekSyndicate, you're my only hope" :) ...please believe me, I tried Everything else ;)

1 month to get a reply from these lying people, just saying "we know its bad, but we don't care". Shenanigans to NZXT!!!

To my knowledge you should be able to use it without CAM, Just plug the pins into the motherboard CPU fan connectors and let your motherboard do the management. unless the pump rpm is run through the software.

I haven't done it yet because my computer isn't working atm, but I was looking at that CAMsucks thing, looks pretty cool, I might try it out.

I myself am an owner of an x61. This is my first jump into watercooling. My Personal experience has not been this bad fortunately. But I have seen a lot of folks have issues with thees. I do not mind the software, other than the fact they put more into it than they need. But I will admit the software is kind of shitty. But I can expect that from a company who manufactures hardware. This goes with other Top dogs that really do not do well in making software.

I do hope I never have to deal with Customer Support though. But we shall see.

The Krakan X61 is one of the top end aio´s still.
Just because the software doesnt fully work like you would have hope´d.
Doesnt mean that the product is crap.

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It's not that I am having problems with it, It's just that it's a inconvenience that doesn't happen with say the corsair AIO. I personally wish I could completely go without CAM and let the motherboard do the managing, with hardware over-rides through the software.

CAM shouldn't be as complicated as it is. All it needs is Temperature management and pump management. Everything is just extras that are more of a hassle then what their worth.

I personally use Speccy to monitor my computer so I really don't need two different programs to do the same thing.

I tried it since I bought it, more than 7 months ago (in the hope the software would improve, as they advertised). It is connected to the CPU fan header, but if I don't run the CAMS (and the CAMSFPS just will not quit, even if I try to end it in task-manager) the fans and pump will not change with the temp...

I never said it is crap. Read my previous posts, the harware is solid... The software is not what they advertise! I 'm saying, it's a cooler, don't make my CPU hotter to use the cooler! LOL
I have a 5930k overclocked, and I have to waste 2 to 12% CPU power and between 150 and 700 MBs of RAM (specially when it starts) to cool my CPU!
This is NOT acceptable, and the customer support took more than 1 month to just tell me they acknowledge the issue... Just enough for the "returning" of the product to expire (sorry for my english, I'm not native).