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NZXT Hue + a look inside


Done and done I just have to remove the connector :smiley:


Is it possible to add another led strip? Not very clear how to make the fourth pin FD. In other strips, just 3 contacts. can someone explain or give a link to the explanation


Just connect to another strip…?


I want to add two a cheap led strip. Not brand NZXT. I have a standard set of 4 strips.



The controller detects the amount of LEDstrips through a simple voltage-divider.
4 strips = 40 LEDS have 2.5 Ohms of resistance.
That means, that you can easily get different WS2812 (b) LEDstrips and that you can use them with this controller if you only use 40 LEDS per channel and if you solder a specific amount of resistance between GND and ADC.
2.5Ohms for 40 LEDs.

does that answer the question ?


Hello, i am sorry for reviving an old post, i have a question regarding this hue+. If i connect ADC straight to GND, will it work for 40 leds or do i really need to put resistances in between?


Good question, try and error.

It could work with a direct connection to gnd.
Just try it.


Sorry for the late reply, been busy. I’ve tried connecting ADC straight to GND, doesn’t work, tried putting 2.5 ohms between GND and ADC, doesn’t work too.
Thanks for your reply, Rage.


No problem.
It not working is interesting !

Could you maybe measure the ADC resistance yourself ?

I suspect that i overlooked the K on the multimeter, though unlikely since i have experience, but situational dumbness can always be the case.

So it could be 2.5K or 25K and i just fucked up.
I thought there was a dude who successfully did the mod, but i can’t find the post anymore.


Hi guys, so did someone got it to work without original led stripes? I have few question about this mod. What the FD pin does, is it important for the led to work? Since leds that i have ordered have only 3 pins. And is 2,5 ohms too much for 30 leds or do i need weaker resistor?


If you bought ws2812 s, yes, those should work with the huhe.
To repeat what i described in the first post, the FD pin is used to detect the amount of connected strips, and therefore LEDS.

If the Resistance to ground on that pin isn’t correct, the huhe will not detect any, to few, or to many Leds.

If i didn’t originally fuck up a lot and somehow overlooked a K for Kilo Ohm, 2.5ohms should relate to 40 LEDS over 4 strips with each 10 Leds.

You should research how resistance actually works, since making them weaker doesn’t correspond to what i think you mean.

I could swear there was one guy who got it working, but it seems that i imagined that! Meh, shit.


Hi and sorry for late reply. I will be trying this mod later when i receive my leds. I have also found someone saying that i need 10k ohms per led strip:


no problem.

Believe the github guy.

Have no clue what i measured that time.


I just got my leds and they work without resistor and the software detects every led.


lol, nice.


hey guys, on my hue+ i cant select some light settings. does someone know why?