NZXT H710i with VFIO : keep CAM device or not?

Hi , i’m new here.

I’m building a PC with an Asrock X570 Creator, a Ryzen 9 3950x and 2 GPU.

I bought a NZXT H710i for the case and a NZXT Kraken X62 for the CPU cooling.

Everything fit ok in the case except that I’m missing a USB 2.0 header to connect the case ‘smart’ device (little black box near the top of the case). The device is supposed to control 3 sets of fans and 2 sets of RGB stripes.

The Asrock X570 Creator has only 1 USB 2.0 Header (9 pins) and I need to 2:

  • one for the Kraken X62
  • one for the CAM device

I could buy a 1-to-2 splitter like this one.

But my understanding is that its a special software from NZXT that is controlling these devices thru USB.
But since I plan to use multiple VMs at the same on this system I’m not sure it’s worth connecting these USB devices. Which VMs would have the software ? Can a Linux hypervisor controls these devices ?

So tl;dr: Do i really have to use these USB connections to have good cooling or can I just ignore them ?

If you have enough motherboard connections for fans, I’d say skip the control box.

Otherwise like you said get an internal hub for that USB 2.0 header, and do usb passthrough for the black box to a windows VM to run their custom software.

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Long story short - get rid of that.
You want RGB? Your motherboard have it.
You want fan control? Your motherboard have it.
You do not need that device. I’m sorry you spend money on that device, cause honestly it’s super bad.

PS: Just joking. You can have all the lounge you want :wink:

yeah I don’t need RGB at all.
The motherboard has 3 ‘chassis’ fan connectors so plenty to do.

  • 1 for the rear fan
  • 1 for the 3 top fans with 3 to 1 cable.

and the X62 fan connector will go in CPU_FAN2/WP connector.
I guess I don’t even need the USB cable between the X62 and the motherboard ?
I’ll try like that.

& thx for the lounge ! :grinning:

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IIRC, you need the USB for basic monitoring - liquid temperature, pump speed, etc etc… On top of the RGB and stuff… You may want to try and use the USB2 connection. It’s not necessary, but it can be helpful.

yeah I left the X62 plugged since I have no use for the internal USB 2.0 header.

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