Nzxt h440

My current build is in a black/red H440. I was wondering if it is possible to change the case color by buying new panels? Being that I do not want to buy a new case yet and I am not particularity fond of the color red.

not that i could find. painting it seems to be your only option

No, you can't buy the panels separately. You'll have to paint them yourself or something.

But why would you get the black/red if you dont like the red? why wouldnt you go with the white/black? the white black has more availability even.

I was building a rig and someone had the similar specs for an unbelievable price. 

The case is great. I personally would have went with the Define R4. We're not to happy with the noise level of this build. I will just paint the red plastic if need be, it's no big deal, was just wondering.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.  

$20 worth of painting gear will solve your problem. If you're not confident in doing it find someone who is. A carton of beer goes a long way.

This might help with your painting. In the process of painting one myself.

oh sweet lord! =O

they already have all the colors i would want, so i have no interest to paint the H440.(i think black and green is so awesome, but it doesn't match the ASUS ROG board ill be using =/ i wish everyone would stop with the black/redmotherboards, and give black/green a chance. lol)

However, i could love to know how you took off the front intake grills, and if it is a permanent thing, or if they can be put back and made 'like-new'?

unless something else comes out, i am most likely going to go with the H440 for my built. my only worry is the front intake. taking the grills off seems like it could boost airflow by 25%. and if they do go back in, are you planning on putting them back, or leaving them out? 


MicroCenter has an exclusive black/green H440. Gigabyte's Sniper Gaming Z87 boards are green. I wish it didn't switch to red for Z97. Gigabyte fucked up...

oh yeah, that is what i mean, they have basically 5 colors, of which cover all the colors i would want anyways. but yeah... everyone seems to be going red/black. that's fine, i just wish companies would offer multiple colors. i mean, they would all sell lol. yeah, the green gigabyte boards would look awesome in the green H440, but i am going z97.

Yeah, Gigabyte fucked up though... Hopefully some board manufacture wises up.

There are 3 screws holding tat grill on, just pop the top and front off the case unscrew the 3 screws per grill and you are done. They can be put back on later and just re-tighten the screws. You can even screw the now spare screws back into their holes so you don't lose them and just leave the grills out. 

I am not overly concerned about the air flow, and I want the black to off set the yellow of the case so they will be going back in once I am done. 

thanks a bunch for that infor :) makes me want to buy the H440 even more now lol. that may be just the type of thing i can test, as it seems easy and fast to test (bad ADD lol).

yeah, yellow and black is a great combo. i mean, it works fore honey bees. 

OMG.. that should be the name of your rig... the "Honey Bee". XD

I will keep it in mind. Might need a funkier case with me re edges and stripes but this will not be the last yellow case I do.