Nzxt h440 mod

I'm at it again, this time with the H440. This is going to be my new main case.
I ordered the solid black and I'm doing basically what I did to my Phantom 820 only this time I wont have to fuss around with changing the white to black because there is no black!

So much like their color line up of H440s (As seen below) I'll just be changing whatever color to grey

I've already started and I actually finished the painting process, since there wasn't much to paint that time around

BTW Side note: If you have plans to do this yourself, make sure you put like paper or a piece of cardboard, something between the painters tape and the sound dampening foam so you don't have this happen to you

An easy fix if it really bothered me that much, but just something to look out for ;)

And here are the parts I painted assembled

I absolutely love the way grey complements black and on a case like this make it pop without being too offensive on the eyes.

Time to build!

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See this Instagram photo by @grim.tony • 1 like
Well shit...
they're stuck together like this if you can't tell from the picture.

Just skookum as frig right there. Good job.

I went the opposite and went with all the large panel yellow and the trim/vents black. I know another user did like you did and painted the trim/vents yellow leaving the panels black, looked great.

Those two screws look like the ones to hold on the grills on the vents.

Damn, not bad.

Why black top? that just rustles my jimmies. At least make it gunmetal or glossy grey.

also Thanks guys :D
Just waiting on my HUE +

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Its a little glossy, just not attract-finger-prints-from-across-the-room glossy lel