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NZXT H200 Build



Looking to build an 8700k in an NZXT H200. Ordered all the parts but it looks like I might have an issue with my GPU and radiator clearance on the front. Any input on easy solutions or part changes? I am assuming dropping the strix card in favor of the dual card is going to be the best option.

I am also concerned a bit with the 2060 clearance to the PSU shroud…


You’ll either need to go with an air cooler or a shorter GPU I believe. A quick look on the page for the 1060 Strix it seems to be 300mm long. The H200 states 325mm of room for GPU, but just the fans on the rad are 25mm thick, the rad probably 25-30mm as well.

As for the GPU to the PSU shroud, it looks like it would physically fit, but it looks like it may be pressed right against the shroud. Air flow will not be good for that card.


Looking at lengths and sizes, I don´t think there is any way to make the GPU and radiator fit.
The 2.5 slot GPU will also not have any breathing room above the PSU shroud.

Easiest solution is to replace the case for something bigger (H400, for example).


I would assume the GPU clearance listed would include the front fans. So I will still probably be 5mm to tight.

The shroud is perforated but agreed, still probably too tight on air flow.


I originally had selected the H400 but the motherboard options weren’t the best…

I think the ASUS Dual 2060 might be the card to get…


The H400 supports mITX, so why not?

The Dual2060 should give you the 3cm you need for the radiator in the front.
Alternatively, you can try removing the front panel, put the fans on the outside and the radiator on the inside. Works on some cases, does not have to work.


I want to stick with an ASUS board and there are pretty much ZERO mATX options for Z390 currently and all the Z370 boards are discontinued/out of stock.


I may have not worded that clearly.
You could have taken the whole setup as you have in the OP, except the H400 instead of the H200.
Yes, that is an ITX board that may look small in an mATX case. However that massive GPU would have filled the empty space.


ahhhh… very true. Lol That should have been pretty obvious.

Yea GPU clearance is 410. so should have enough room for the radiator.


I contacted NZXT support and they claim the listed GPU clearance spec includes a front radiator such as the X52 being installed. Hence why the case comes with a rear and a top fan only, no fronts. So everything was ordered yesterday so we will see when all the parts arrive.


Well boys and girls… All the parts arrived today and the Strix does not fit.



Oh man… That sucks.


If I take the bottom fan off the X52 everything fits… but then I only have 1 intake fan. Can’t mount it on the “outside” of the front either. The front panel won’t fit with it mounted like that. Plus then the only intake is above the GPU completely so not really doing any good. The Strix is a little too close to the PSU shroud IMO too.

I did some looking and looks like the ASUS Dual card will fit but lose the motherboard/gpu/ram syncing options since the Dual is RGBless. It’s a build for a co-worker so I will talk with him tomorrow and see what he thinks. The dual is almost a .5 a slot skinnier and 30mm shorter. Factory boost clocks are damn close too, so with a little OC probably won’t notice a performance difference.