NZXT Bait and Switch on PCIE Riser recall/replacement

It looks like NZXT pulled a bait and switch on riser replacement. I’d check out the below video for a more in depth look. RIP NZXT H1 Owners.

If you need more info I would check out GN’s other videos on the matter as they take a really good look at the OG cable and what they were given in the original replacement.


As long as the new part does fix the short circuit/potential fire problem, I don’t see a problem here. It’s not like the “bad” replacement riser is of lower quality then the original hazardous one. So NZXT is not really taking away anything from H1 case owners, right?

They basically added that circular plating [superficially], to the problematic PCB, but NOT actually shield those screw punch-ins, which was a focal point of this whole ordeal… I’d be rather feccin’ annoyed, if that was what I received [AFTER seeing that riser, initially presented by GN, as the formal remediatiary measure]

They did embiggen the hole too, to avoid damage. And as far as theh have stated in the video they coould not make this one catch fire. But yes…

Maybe there will be another video with a proof of concept that they could, tongue at the right angle, still cause fire.

I would have liked more plating or maybe a insert in the screw hole, but Its honestly good enough if you ask me. Could it be better yes, is this unacceptable no its fine imo.


Same. And I say this as an H1 owner.

TBH I didn’t even know there was a problem until the internet made a stink about it.

I think the real issue is that NZXT sent a cable to GN that they implied would be going out to all customers. IMO it’s shady that they didn’t disclose they would be shipping out a different cable as well.

I don know how you would know there was an issue until you did a(maybe a couple) rebuild(s) in the case. The issue is that it is a ticking time bomb.

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Not knowing isnt too surprising, most people dont know there are recalls on their cars either

They said something similar and that it was a sample not the actual cable. Steve jumped the gun on that one.

Most people arent ever going to remove that mount as you pretty much need it for the case to work.

I don’t think they did. Steve states here that it was implied to them that the cable(or a very similar one) would be going out to customers.

I don’t think that is a good assumption to make. There is no way anyone can know or guess how many people will remove it or not.

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Do they spray fire out the back violently instead this time?

was very similar had plated and enlarged hole, not to same level but did have similar modifications

Most people dont even OC, you have very little reason to remove that cable as you cant really do anything else with that case its not like a case that has vertical or horizontal mounting option. You also have to assume someone is doing it multiple times and everything possible goes wrong.

I watched all of this videos on this and I dont see the bait and Switch and I dont see any issue with their final resolution. Their initial one was some what ok, but they did decide to do more.

Steve is basically whipping up the Twitter style mob for views.

lol no, it still a fix. It just looks like NZXT just sent a cheaper cable than what was implied would be going out.

Lol get slammed bitch.

Man I have a phantom from 2007 that thing is sick as shit and much better than the H1. The fact thta companies rly think they can just get away with this shit is hilarious.

Considering everything is out of stock everywhere these days; it doesn’t make sense that they would be able to get the exact same cable.

It was probably a decision of:

Do we wait to ship X out or do we go with Y to get this issue resolved as soon as possible?

I think chastising them is unwarranted especially if the replacement cable does the exact same job but isn’t as shiny.

I got my replacement cable in the mail a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to installing it. If I see a dip in FPS then yeah I’ll be made but if not I won’t sweat it.

I’ll watch the GN video but if its just 35 minutes of them bashing NZXT then I’m not going to bother.

That’s a stretch. I’m an EE and from what I can tell GN’s analysis is a good one. The difference in quality is pretty big, though, you do end with a safer cable either way.

I would consider what market this case is targeting. It isn’t being sold to “most” people. It is being sold to an enthusiast and gaming oriented market. Even then, unless you have hard data from reputable sources to back up an assumption like that then it’s still not a good assumption. In my opinion and from my experience you should never assume what a customer/end-user base will do with a device anyway. You need to anticipate the worst case scenario. I understand it’s not always practical due to a myriad of different stuff that can happen or occur, but an effort should be made.

I think they are seeing it as a bait switch as NZXT was not being transparent with GN. I’m pretty sure if NZXT had sent them the other cable(or both cables) and customers were getting those cables. Then we wouldn’t have gotten a video like this. I don’t think they are blowing this out of proportion. As it is showing that NZXT is unable to effectively communicate and set appropriate expectations for customers.

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The cable the sent steve, they specifically said was not the end unit, the design of the two is similar the solution of bigger hole + plating was done on both. I get that the one was not the same base but the solution was the same. He clearly jumped to it would be the exact same cable and is then passing that onto NZXT as their issue. He could have said this sample looks good and if the final production one ends up similarly they will have nailed the solution. Yet he assumed it would be a completely new cable not the old one corrected the way they did.

100% this was a Steve issue, I commend him for his work of identification of the issue and the content but the Title of the video, the way he conduced the video was 100% for views and not a level headed response.

I just opened my package and inspected the cables and they look virtually identical.

Yeah its just plating on the mounting hole and making it a little larger, they were probably sent back to the company that made them and said fix this issue

That in combination with the plastic screws they sent out earlier too would remediate the issue entirely.

So is everyone just getting hung up on mincing words?

I guess I really need to watch that video and analyze NZXT’s correspondence, which is more work than I want to put into this lmao but for the sake of discovery it shall be done.