didnt want to pull out my trump card, but you leave me no choice...

game over

You may have a trump card, but I reveal my trap card!

Trump card
image of Logan

Allow me to reveal MY trump card:

A real trump card


well your trap card revealed MY trap card!

Get over here
Try Scorpion next time.

you may not have noticed it at first, but behold the REAL power of the card

God damn, this song is addicting. Listening to the Rock Mix version, it's currently on repeat. GUH!!! It's to damn addicting. :



I can't stop watching that Nyan-nyan. It's so cute, and addictive. :p

Yes Cute Anime FTW.

lol i have already watched the whole season, just because of this vid.

I think Mio is cute in her own way.

Yeah, here's me hoping for Season 2. Finished watching S1 yesterday. I had a K-ON-mini marathon, watched 6 episodes. :P

Its pretty dissapointing that you dont know where they go from there as a band.