NVMe SSD M.2 & V-NAND SSD SATA III which one to choose for operating system and which for the programs and other stuff?

Just finished building my desktop.
I have an NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 on my motherboard and one V-NAND SSD 850 EVO on SATA III
Which one do you think is better to use for the operating system and which for the programs and other stuff?

NVMe for OS and key applications/games, SATA for everything else.

Although in most cases people won’t notice a difference between the two.


I second @w.meri’s post. The best thing to do is to put the OS on the NVMe drive. And you’re unlikely to notice much speed difference indeed.

If you plan to use Windows as your OS, be sure to unplug the SATA one first. Windows has this nasty habit of often putting the bootloader on another drive if it detects one. That’s not a problem as long as you don’t change anything, but if you for some reason ever replace the SATA drive the PC will not boot anymore because it doesn’t find an OS.


Unless your doing heavy storage-dependent workloads, you won’t notice a difference much between a modern SATA SSD and an NVMe SSD, SATA already feels instantaneous. Not like the “Pluto day” and “Earth day” difference between SATA SSDs and HDDs.

(Pluto is as dark outside at the day time as the Earth is at night in small city).


I liked that comment as much for the astronomy analogy as for the sensible advice. Carry on :smiley_cat:

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I been watching too much Futurama lately, that’s why.

I love Puget systems for testing higher end software (adobe for example) on high end gear to see if it makes a difference.

They did this good one of 4 different types of drive starting windows and doing a few tasks
SSD Responsiveness Comparison


Thank you all for the feedback :wink: