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NVME RAID - VMWare Data Store


Good Evenning,

We are working on a server with 6 2.5" NVME drives. The goal is to use these drives for a VMWare data store with some level of hardware redundancy. Surviving one drive failure would be acceptable.

I have heard NVME RAID controllers are not common and part of the reason is a performance reduction compared to directly presenting each NVME drive as a block device.

Is there a better more modern approach than using a RAID controller.

Thank You!


Ensure to test that hot swap is working before you put it in production.


Oh shit… they’re 2.5" drives? Yeah the only NVMe RAID controllers that I know are any good are the ones where you throw a few M.2 drives on a PCB board with the raid controller built in.

What kind of throughput do you need?


Good point, we do have a node that is not in production yet.