NVMe passthrough compatible devices

I want to passthrough an entire NVMe controller/drive. Unfortunately both my devices suffer from the SM2262 controller bug (Crucial P1 and ADATA SX8200PNP). Here it is mentioned that Samsung drives are not affected by this bug. Can this someone confirm this for the 970 and 980 (pro) series (According to the unraid forum the 970 evo works but there maybe a problem with the 980 pro)?

Are there other compatible devices, is there a list somewhere? Are there other problems with NVMe drives that one needs to be aware of? This seems to not to be covered in the common tutorials on vfio and pcie passthrough setups.

I’m not familiar with this bug, but I have a Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus passed through to a VM and never had any issues.

I’ve been using it with VFIO since May 2019.

I’m using a 9th gen Core i9 processor on an AORUS ELITE Motherboard if at all relevant.